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"My name is Lise and I'm 27. So far, my life is like most people, married, a child and a husband who works a lot.

Me in all that, I write. More particularly, a book entitled "Listhère". It was my psychiatrist who advised me to write a book following my car accident. Having lost my memory following this shock, the writing could allow me to trigger forgotten memories.

This is how the book is designed.

But the strangest thing is that once it was published, not long after, I received a letter every day, telling me that Listhère really existed.

And if this city really existed?
Could she help me find my memory?
What would you have done in my place? "

Play as Lise in her quest for an answer and venture into the city of Listhère!
Explore this strange place by solving the enigmas that will block your passage, make choices that will directly influence the events of the game But you will also have to keep a close eye on the anxiety of Lise because the more it will agonize, the more you will suffer side effects harmful to incur him until death.

Latest Blog

News 09/14/2020

News of 09/14/2020

Since the last demo, we've had a lot of feedback. We have given a lot of thought to how the rest of the events will unfold and we have concluded one thing mainly:

Real survival gameplay is missing.

We therefore wanted to add this missing element for the rest of the game.

Chapter 4 will be one of the best parts of the game.
We have improved the general atmosphere, the feeling of insecurity and the horror that hangs over the city.

Shadow and light atmosphere improved in video (spoiler for next location):

With the help of a pixel artist who knows how to add to the team, we can now expand our possibilities and provide a better gaming experience.
A bestiary was then created with various monstrosities.

We have therefore added the possibility for Lise to use her knife that she picks up in chapter 3 but also, later in the game, to use a pistol.et.

Here is a WIP of this systems:

The knife will make the affected creature recoil slightly.
As for the pistol, we added a "slow motion" as she aims. When she has to reload the pistol or cancels the aim, the slow motion is deactivated.

Each stab or pistol strike consumes stamina!
So it will be necessary to be careful about their abusive use at the risk of not succeeding in fleeing ...

Restricted by the capabilities of Rpg maker, he had to find a more or less easy way to manage the keys of his keyboard while moving if necessary.

When the monsters attack Lise, they will increase her Anguish while lowering her health bar.

We will also think about how to create "penalties" concerning systems with relatively high anxiety. (just like the side effects that Lise may experience).
We already have several ideas to exploit.

Looking forward to it.
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  • 03/10/2019 10:10 PM
  • 09/24/2020 08:50 PM
  • 12/01/2020
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Ok, let me tell you something... Your maps are amazing, your plot is super interesting... How can someone not be hyped for this?! I am really excited to play it! Continue the amazing work!!!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
This looks like the perfect combination of Silent Hill with the pretty tumblr anime games gallore a la Aria's Story, Pocket Mirror et cetera. I do hope it will end up leaning a bit towards the former in terms of its story and gameplay, but I'm hyped to play regardless.
so no english huh, guess we have to sit back for now
@Make_it_magiK :
Thank you all for your encouraging comments!
Thank you very much for this beautiful comment, it's warm to the heart!
A translation will be available soon (may be in 1 month, maybe less).

@Frogge :
Thank you so much. I was inspired a lot by Silent Hill but really detached myself from the story. Brought something new and can be surprising ^^
I'm never played games that you quote me, so I could not be inspired ^ ^ (except silent hill obviously).
Thank you so much !

@Bicfarmer :
Do not be pessimistic by saying things you do not know ^^
The translation of the demo will be ready soon (probably 1 month maximum).
And meanwhile, I'm looking for another translator to advance faster!
I am aware that this can be frustrating but I am French and it is normal that I devote myself before on the version of my native language that the reverse.
The advantage for you is that you will always have a versionne improved and corrected via the French returns;)
I didnt say anything down putting. I can tell from the game description your english is passable, so I guessed that an english version would be coming, so i said 'for now'. I know these things can take a while so no rush.
The English description is translated by google translation, the translation into game will normally be better, being written by a real bilingual person ^^
The way you wrote your sentence seemed ironic.
@Make_it_magiK :
Thank you all for your encouraging comments!
Thank you very much for this beautiful comment, it's warm to the heart!

You're really welcome!!! >u<

A translation will be available soon (may be in 1 month, maybe less).

Actually, for me French isn't a problem. I can speak French, so I've already downloaded it and I'm going to play it soon ;)
Oh really ?! great then. I hope you like the demo. it is short but it presents the style I want to have. Obviously, there will be things that will be added and modified because this demo was designed in 1 month for a French making contest. we had to hurry a little ^^
I have played it, and I wanted to give you my thoughts about it!


1. I really have to admit that your demo is really good even if you had only one month.
2. You did a GREAT job with the maps. OMG, they are so pretty, and realistic! Especially the forest path and the last map with the boat... Extremely well made! They are full with details, and the atmosphere is good conveyed to the player, thanks to the choice of shadows and lights. A really, really good work.
Just a question though: was the game always zoomed in a bit? Because it seemed the maps were a bit "closer" than the ones of other rpgs I played... even so, i liked it. Maybe I will zoom my maps too, from now onwards.
3. I liked the animation intro of the game and also the little animation of the chapters. It was a nice touch.
4. The plot is interesting... I'm really curious to see what the ghost city of Listhère has to do with Lise.
5. There was a tiny little bug I saw. The door to Lise's room shows the wall, when opened.

All in all, if you continue to pay that much attention to details, mapping wonderful maps, and making a good plot, I think your game will be a success. I really liked the demo, and can't wait to play the whole game. Good luck!
Thank you very much for your return, I will answer you chronologically:

1- Thank you very much! It makes me very happy.
2- Thanks again haha;) The game is not zoomed, this is the normal resolution of rpg maker vx ACE.
3- Thanks, for the animations like the introduction, there will be others of this kind!
4- I really try to bring a rich background. The beginnings will really think about Silent Hill but finally, we move away completely.
5- To get bugged, I knew it, it is corrected for the next version.

Thank you very much for your encouragement! I am rather perfectionist in my work so the following should be in the same line, even better;)
I am unable to play the game, every time I try and play/open the game I am always greeted with the same error.

"Script' -RME' line 2235: TypeError occurred.
can't dup NilClass."

Is there any way to fix this?

This is the Listhère 1.2 demo, for your information.
This looks really good. Amazingly beautiful mapping.
Kiburi: Hm, it's strange, this line of the script is a comment ...
Can you give me this line when you open the project?
It's strange, the first time I have this error.

Boos405: Thank you very much! :)
Hello, everybody!
I'm the developer of the game Listhère and the collaborator of NoOony in this project!
A new even more impressive and immersive demo is approaching, to follow all this I put at your disposal our Discord server: https://discord.gg/2ersmE
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