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News 09/14/2020

  • no0ony
  • 09/14/2020 09:43 AM
News of 09/14/2020

Since the last demo, we've had a lot of feedback. We have given a lot of thought to how the rest of the events will unfold and we have concluded one thing mainly:

Real survival gameplay is missing.

We therefore wanted to add this missing element for the rest of the game.

Chapter 4 will be one of the best parts of the game.
We have improved the general atmosphere, the feeling of insecurity and the horror that hangs over the city.

Shadow and light atmosphere improved in video (spoiler for next location):

With the help of a pixel artist who knows how to add to the team, we can now expand our possibilities and provide a better gaming experience.
A bestiary was then created with various monstrosities.

We have therefore added the possibility for Lise to use her knife that she picks up in chapter 3 but also, later in the game, to use a pistol.et.

Here is a WIP of this systems:

The knife will make the affected creature recoil slightly.
As for the pistol, we added a "slow motion" as she aims. When she has to reload the pistol or cancels the aim, the slow motion is deactivated.

Each stab or pistol strike consumes stamina!
So it will be necessary to be careful about their abusive use at the risk of not succeeding in fleeing ...

Restricted by the capabilities of Rpg maker, he had to find a more or less easy way to manage the keys of his keyboard while moving if necessary.

When the monsters attack Lise, they will increase her Anguish while lowering her health bar.

We will also think about how to create "penalties" concerning systems with relatively high anxiety. (just like the side effects that Lise may experience).
We already have several ideas to exploit.

Looking forward to it.