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When the forces of hell threaten to overrun the world,
and humanity seems to be on the losing side of a war.

One Valkyrie, a half-angel, is the only one
who can prevent the coming onslaught that would
bathe the world of Laetitia in blood

What she doesn't know,
even as she and her paladins stand on the threshold
of the corrupted Ramarian keep.

Is that this quest will forever warp her image of 'good' and 'evil'.

Because when the light would freely abandon you,
and the hand of darkness reaches out for you, promising aid.

Corruption of Laetitia is a story-based RPG that follows the adventure of a spear-wielding heroine raised as a weapon against the demonic forces that threatened the realm. And her experiences as she learns that "Good" and "evil" might be less black and white than she thought. As she befriends and makes enemies out of angels, priests, and demons alike.

While this game has no sex or nudity it does contain suggestive themes and language. As well as girls kissing girls. (Sometimes in manners of dubious consent) If either of those aren't your thing you'll likely not enjoy it.

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  • Completed
  • KayakoAmaya
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 03/11/2019 12:52 PM
  • 09/20/2021 04:02 PM
  • 03/08/2019
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I downloaded the game and the summon battle menu doesn't appear so i can't summon the slimes or anything please help
You're magical to me.
Subscribed! Really enjoyed the demo and glad to see the full game here on RMN :DDDDD
I downloaded the game and the summon battle menu doesn't appear so i can't summon the slimes or anything please help
Ah, this is after the battle where you are told you unlocked them? I will look into this myself and see what the issue can be, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Edit: Updated the download link with the fixed version. If you have a save from before the battle with the slime queen you will now get the summon spell regardless of your choices (Unless you kill her completely) If you're already in the map in which she exists you may have to exit and re-enter before engaging her.

Subscribed! Really enjoyed the demo and glad to see the full game here on RMN :DDDDD
Thank you~ It has been a long way, and I have to say sometimes I worried whether I could do this at all. But now I'll just have to try and keep my head up I guess~ I hope you enjoy the full game too!

Seems I still have to fight bugs though!

You're magical to me.
Still making my way through the game. Recently got to the Abyssal Plane and about to head to the Harpy area ^_^

For anyone else enjoying the game, there's a GoFundMe to revamp the graphics with the help of an artist to add more original artwork to the game. I'm hoping it'll get more love so the game can be even better!
Ehehe~ Thank you~! I'm so glad you seem to be enjoying my game still~

I am still finding small bugs and other things that I'm gradually ironing out. It helps having found a streamer that makes choices that aren't the norm, even though those errors definitely don't reflect well for this project~

I'm just happy some people still like it despite its flaws~
You're magical to me.
The game has an impressive amount of choices and different things to do so it's understandable that there'll be some hard-to-find bugs. I'm still having a lot of fun with it and wondering how it'll end and how the romance paths will go. :DDD

I've been playing with a "reduce Corruption at every opportunity" mindset, basically being as much of a goodie-goodie as I can XD I may have to play through it again just to see what a high-corruption play feels like and get access to all those cool sounding soul powers.
Just wanna report a couple bugs; trying to enter the cave from the scorpid village cause you to freeze on a black screen. And trying to light a lamp in these caves crashes the game.
Got around one hour mark in this. Currently trying to restore the tower, I reckon this is still very beginning am I right?

Some few nitpicks
> There was no clear indication on when the cutscene is ended. I thought I had to wait for a little longer, but I was actually supposed to move on my own
> The text is too squeezed, probably because of font choice. Personal preference, don't bother it much if you don't wanna change it.
> In the early map, the fog makes the shades hard to see.
> It took me a while to actually see rage meter shown in number instead of a bar/gauge. It only problematic at the beginning because I wasn't get used with the UI. I reckon that maybe you may not know how to change the mog's battle UI, so it's fine the way it is now
> It's probably not easy, but if possible show the day indicator on the map screen or main menu instead of looking at the pocket watch.

Some random comments
> I thought the first boss battle is okay to lose because it was kinda hard. Turned out I got a gameover
> The hint worked well. And I never thought that guarding actually saved my life.
> Is it possible to add HP bar for the enemies?
> It may be an intended design, but the map is too dark to see everything. Or at least tracking where I'm going.
> I like the random comments on the random stuff. I think it's the charm of this game.

Some game balance suggestions
> Make some crucial move for survival act first. For example, healing and item usage. It just when it happens that RNG screws me up. All 4 enemies attack on one actor, sap the HP to only like 20%, but I had to survive, so I use healing, but no, they act first.
> Failed to escape is kinda punishing. Because of the way you balance the game. Two times failed to escape is basically dying. My suggestion is if escaping is failed, at least compensate it with something, maybe free guard? or make escaping guaranteed, or maybe show the percentage of the success rate somewhere, although these will require some scripting.

I may continue it later though. Good game!
I hope the choices as they are are enough~! I am not sure if it warrants
a complete replay even though that was their goal~
The playtime may be a bit long~
I'm so happy you like the game <3

Ah, This is very strange indeed. There's no reason it should do that and indeed I watched many people do this no problem. I will see if there's certain conditions under which these happen... But unless it's something new I inadvertently broke and I can't replicate it, or can't find someone who can... I fear I can't fix that and it may somehow be a hardware thing.

Thank you for playing! Yeah I hear that a lot about the difficulty in general. I like hard games but I realize that it may not be everyone's cup of tea. I will have to look for a difficulty setting script that doesn't crash my game.

All in all, I'd prefer not to touch the scripts more than I have, Getting it relatively stable without anything causing errors for other stuff was... Difficult, But I'll see what can be done about optional enemy health bars and such
(Even though I don't like healthbars myself)

As for the darkness, It is a design choice but it's also a lot of people seem to dislike, I will try and brighten it up a bit again in later versions.

The healing spells do in fact have a small speed boost but it seems it's not enough, I'll boost that a little further I'll also see if I can make failing to flee less punishing!
You're magical to me.
I finished the game ^_^ Thank you, that was a lot of fun :DDDDDD

I had a few small issues/bugs while playing. Please ignore them if they've already been fixed. I'll put them under a hide tag here:

Summoning Alrune has the same action text as summoning a harpy (see screenshot below):

Riliane's Flash of Light has no action text, so it just says "Riliane" when cast:

(The part when she gets the ability to become a battle priest and rescue Celeste was super cool tho! Loved that ^_^)

When you throw the Twin Blades of Levanta into the mana pool, instead of removing the Twin Blades from your inventory, it seemed to add another Twin Blades instead.

I really liked the game, though I would have liked more romance between whoever you choose to be with (I chose Riliane :D). I don't mean that the game was lacking in romance, just that I'm one of the few people who always wants more than usual XD Tho I wonder if i missed any scenes with her, as I was dumb and didn't bother giving her flowers until near the end of the game XDXD;;;
Uwah, some of these bugs I can't believe I overlooked! I will set to fixing them right now and upload a version with all of these issues patched out along with many other issues I have tried my best to address~! Currently packing the patch with the following fixes:
-"Summon Alraune" and "Flash of Light" now display the proper text.
-"Twin Blades of Levanta" are now properly removed when exchanging them.
-Improved skill descriptions to better show their effects.
-Fixed a ton of small (Mostly graphical errors) where characters would show up which were no longer on your side.
-Changed the colour of the game's windowskin.
-Increased the capacity and value of Lantern oil by around 300%
-Made the "Apocalypse" spell do more initial damage but less damage per extra soul.
-Added the option to disable battle voices.
-Increased money and item drops slightly.
-Made it possible to harvest apples by interacting with the tree trunk.
-Added difficulty modes Easy, classic, and Hard.

As for the romance stuff. I actually have a few extra plans but.
This heavily relies on the custom art I want to commission
and wouldn't work without it!

So those scenes will be added once that is all through~
You're magical to me.
Sounds wonderful! :DDD Thanks for all your hard work ^_^

If it makes you feel any better, that game that I just updated a couple of days ago? I just got a report with more bugs in it XD;; The battle continues
Is hard mode tested and balanced? Some RPGs I've played in the past will have sections of the game that are balanced to be beatable on normal, but very luck-based on hard, especially if there is no opportunity to grind in that section.
Oh nooo, When will the bugs end X3 Yeah, I'm still dealing with more of them myself, some I made while trying to fix old ones.

Is it doable? Yes it is. I am currently playing on the highest difficulty and it's not actually -THAT- hard for me. I have yet to wipe out on it more than once. That said though. Many considered my normal mode to be too difficult, and this is a small step above that. (Still not really struggling though to the point I worry it's too easy)

lol, yeah, the bugs never end. They just keep multiplying, and multiplying.

*also has a huge game*
*also cries in the corner from the eternal onslaught of the bugs*
*has become addicted to icecream*
Everything about that is awful Y-Y

Except icecream addiction. Anything involving icecream can't be bad!
Be strong kaya, your game is great! I hope more people will notice it! :)
do. want. (more useful feedback to follow, maybe. I'm really unreliable these days.)
Ehehe~ Thank you! I hope you will enjoy the game! \o/
So far i love the game, I do have few questions tho, first are there any benefits of not getting corrupted? the choices that affect that usually give you something as a reward for going with evil thing while good choices just drop your corruption level. also how do you beat embodiment of harmony?
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