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When the forces of hell threaten to overrun the world,
and humanity seems to be on the losing side of a war.

One Valkyrie, a half-angel, is the only one
who can prevent the coming onslaught that would
bathe the world of Laetitia in blood

What she doesn't know,
even as she and her paladins stand on the threshold
of the corrupted Ramarian keep.

Is that this quest will forever warp her image of 'good' and 'evil'.

Because when the light would freely abandon you,
and the hand of darkness reaches out for you, promising aid.

Corruption of Laetitia is a story-based RPG that follows the adventure of a spear-wielding heroine raised as a weapon against the demonic forces that threatened the realm. And her experiences as she learns that "Good" and "evil" might be less black and white than she thought. As she befriends and makes enemies out of angels, priests, and demons alike.

While this game has no sex or nudity it does contain suggestive themes and language. As well as girls kissing girls. (Sometimes in manners of dubious consent) If either of those aren't your thing you'll likely not enjoy it.

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  • Completed
  • KayakoAmaya
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 03/11/2019 12:52 PM
  • 09/20/2021 04:02 PM
  • 03/08/2019
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There's a few things you can get for going either way, Good choices bring you closer to regaining your old abilities (and new ones in the same, angelic theme). Evil ones tend to give you souls and such to unlock demon/darkness themed abilities. As for the "embodiment of harmony" She drops hints to what you need to do.
The fight against her isn't a 'fight' per say~
There's a few things you can get for going either way, Good choices bring you closer to regaining your old abilities (and new ones in the same, angelic theme). Evil ones tend to give you souls and such to unlock demon/darkness themed abilities. As for the "embodiment of harmony" She drops hints to what you need to do.
The fight against her isn't a 'fight' per say~
thank you ^^
Something of a bug I've found.

I had just gotten the map to the marsh after deciding not to go to war with Arowar, and noticed that my corruption was low enough to attempt the 3rd floor of the tower, so I immediately go and do just that (and the 4th as well, since my corruption was lowered enough from the events on the 3rd floor to allow me to attempt the 4th)...

...only to find that Archimedes is gone once the events of that floor have concluded, with no apparent way to return him to the party.

I'm guessing that since the diary entry for clearing the 3rd floor is a bit beyond the marshlands entry, it was assumed that either corruption wouldn't be low enough to attempt that floor until after whatever comes between the marshlands and a return to the tower or that people wouldn't go back to the tower until that point. Regardless, it doesn't look like the code the puts your party back after the scenes on the 3rd/4th floor is re-adding Archimedes to the group.

Which I'm somewhat fine with given he (at least at level 13) lacks a reliable aoe attack, but it doesn't quite seem like something that's intended.
Ah, This should have been fixed in one of the latest versions. Maybe I missed a point somewhere.

Archimedes is an extremely temporary party member who would have left your party after the marsh so I kind of forgot to add enough checks for him. Not anticipating people to have him in their party at that point. Seems there's still loose ends in that regard.

I'll go through it and fix it, but it will likely be a while before the next big patch since I already feel guilty for wasting as much bandwidth uploading my game as it is~

Just know that he'd leave your party soon anyway~
Wow, so far just about 30-45 minutes into the game and already blown away by the detail and challenge and side quests, options, etc. Not to mention the mapping is amazing.
Been in a slump lately and cant seem to stick with anything, but so far this has stuck~

If anyone's on the fence about trying this out, let this be a push toward the download button for you, it's definitely worth it~


Found a bit of a glitch/bug, thought I'd let you know:
When Archemedus joins you, when you decide to avoid the war and go to the camp to get the Tenebrus Marsh Map, Before I did that, I had a low enough corruption to go up the stairway to heaven to the 3rd floor and got the "Prayer" skill, and found out that when I finished and got back, he was gone from my party.
I'm glad you enjoyed what you played so far~ It makes me happy that people are having fun with the thing I made~

I also hope you will be feeling more energetic soon! Being in a slump for too long can be a little depressing after a while!

And Ah, the Archimedes glitch is probably the most reported bug ever by now! I really didn't expect many people to start the marsh quest and do the tower quests at that very time. Luckily it shouldn't cause any real issues, as he will leave after the marsh section anyway. I have fixed it for the next build though, But that build is not currently playable so I have to fix and thoroughly test it again~ Until then you can proceed as usual and nothing bad should happen!

Question: Am I supposed to be invisible when i'm fixing Malayna after she sacrificed herself?
Never mind that. After I saved her I became visible again.
Ehehe, that sounds like the RPG maker butterfly effect struck again. I noticed that one frame of lag in a bad place can sometimes cause events to get a bit wonky. I'm glad it fixed itself~ It's part of the reason I made the save/load system as it is~
I'm quite impressed by what I've played, which is only first ten minutes or so as of now (free time is thin on the ground this week, but as I'm considering making an RPG Maker game soon I figured I'd see what sort of things can be done with the system). It probably has something to do with the way RPG Maker VX Ace works, but I've had some trouble with fullscreen play... my computer somehow got stuck in a weird upscaled 4:3 resolution that I had to go into my Windows display settings to change back. >.> Hopefully it won't happen again, as I've set my computer to handle scaling via GPU from here on, but I figured I'd register that.

I love the dynamic animation feel the battles have--makes it feel less like a cookie-cutter RPG Maker game. Though the field sprites and field graphics in general definitely have that RPG Maker feeling. Given the nature and tone of the game, I can't help but think that a more "Phantasy Star-esque" artstyle might be more appropriate, but I'm not sure how doable that is in RPG Maker.

Also, erm... how do you get gamepad controls to work? I'm only using a wired Xbox 360 pad, so it should be easy, right? I can use a keymapper for now but I was under the impression that gamepad support was native.

EDIT: Having played a bit more, I can definitely say I'm a convert. I'd even say, depending on how much content there is, this might be worth a portable release. It's too bad the game's hampered by the display limitations of VX Ace. But I'll happily sit down and play this through properly when I have more time.
Ehehe, VX ace definitely has a few limitations I fear yes. One of them being the resolution. Something that apparently is possible to change with scripts but I only found that out after designing the entirety of the game on the default resolution.

VX ace has gamepad functionality on default, it isn't great to the point that apparently the input can vary per machine but it's there. For some people the D-pad works, for others it doesn't. Sadly being a solo dev without access to to either of the controllers myself I had to rely on word of mouth from other players and with them giving mixed information to which button was doing what.

As for a portable release... On default VX ace only seems to be able to export in a way that Windows users can run it. I'm afraid to release it on other platforms I would have to remake it in its entirety on MV. Something which considering the project took roughly 4 years to finish I'm not sure I can manage at this point~

Still I'm glad you enjoy the game so far~ And it may be something for me to think about doing in the future~
"Half-Angel, were you trying to build your own harem?!"


EDIT: On a more serious tone, I found this to be a nice game, especially because of its replayability, I'm on a second playthorugh, first time I went the goodie good half angel way, this time I was off to maximize corruption and kill everything on hard mode.

There are a few bugs I'd like to report:

1) If you threaten the mayor of the first town and defeat the archers, those corspes will give infinite soul drain/requiem, since the body never despawns.

2) At the beginning of the game (if you spared the cleric) after the fight against the two paladins you can be stuck on top of a wall (and be forced to reload) if you pressed the enter key too fast during previous scene, this happens because Celeste has not moved properly in position and then she jumps in a place she's not supposed to.

3) If you kill the slime queen, and then you buy the Summon Shadow ability you won't be able to use it because you haven't unlocked the Summon skillset yet.

4) (On a good playthrough) after the boss fight for the second power source (the one that shoots you up 5 levels if you don't go to war with Arrwar) an invisible actor will prevent you from moving if you don't go down right away, making you stuck in position and unable to move at all. This is pretty serious as it can force a reload, and, even worse, if you save it could even force you to restart the game entirely.
For getting to low
corruption you get access to higher levels of the tower, Buffs, and more~ As for the embodiment of harmony, Just don't hurt her and she'll eventually let you pass~ I am making that more obvious in the next updates for the game since a lot of people are confused by her~

Edit: Somehow the site showed me a different post when I replied! I will fix the bugs you mentioned so far! The evil route hasn't been tested as much since neither myself nor my testers really enjoyed being evil, so I'm sorry that it's the less balanced, stable one~!

As for Mala, She's just jealous, Can't blame her (Aside from her other actions at the point~) I'd say 'fuck that' to being part of a harem myself X3
Hello, i got stuck in cult cave where a door said that the door can but opened___?
Hello, i got stuck in cult cave where a door said that the door can but opened___?

Ah, that puzzle, You have to find both levers, one of which has to be loosened with oil. (Preferably lamp oil) Maybe I will have to find a way to add a few more hints without directly giving the answer away.
i think i played this game years ago
im so glad its finally finished now XD
I am playing this game and I find it really good!

However, I ran into some bug that is probably going to block my progress sooner or later...

Basically, now any time when I enter a fight, after I select my actions for the first turn, fight freezes and nobody ever starts its turn (either from the hero party or enemy troop); all fighters keep doing their basic standing motion forever.

This started happening...
...after the passage where Celeste must retrieve the three sins of Malayna (Gluttony/Envy/Wrath) and Wrath kills poor Riliane.

The first fight that I enter after I'm done with said passage becomes stuck the way I described.

Note that I think it happened maybe a couple times before, but it did not last - from what I (very vaguely) remember it disappeared if I just reloaded a save or did things a bit differently in different order.

For the short term, I can progress in the story more or less by avoiding any fights, but it is unlikely that doing this will take me very far...
And that bothers me because I like that game quite much actually, I want to see the end of it!

EDIT: well, I did hit the point when its is actually blocking... I tried getting to Ostburg through the north of Gruhnfeld village, and there is a mandatory fight there on the road.
About a while ago i started playing and i have to say that i really liked it.
So far so good but i just realized that when i select "Pure dead" title nothing happens.

I think it is a bug but will appriciated if you can check.
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