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Arc Blog #10 Switch Release

Hey ya'll just letting you all know that Arcanion: Tale of Magi is now getting a Nintendo Switch port that will be coming out on February 17th. The Steam release will update to coincide with the Switch release which fixes a TON of issues, adds more to the Casual Mode such as:
-No Heal Bottle consumption wasted on death, as they will be restored to the last time you used them.
-More areas were re-worked to make areas easier.

There will also be a Japanese translation to the game, which Japanese players will be able to play the game as well. So it's an exciting time!

Here's the trailer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kii19Nf73_U


Arc Blog #9 The Game has been released.

Well, the day has finally come. After almost two years, Arcanion: Tale of Magi is finally available on Steam! Thanks for waiting, and I hope you all enjoy it.

You can buy the full game on Steam.



Arc Blog #8 Full release coming soon.

As the title says, the Steam page for Arcanion: Tale of Magi is now up and running.

In two weeks the game will be out, as for the specific day, that will be announced next week.


Arc Blog #7 New demo, still need testers.

Hey there peeps, just mostly letting ya'll know a new and improved demo of Arcanion: Tale of Magi is now available. :D

You can grab the demo here:

Or here:

But still in need of a few more testers. The game is fully finished and fully playable, I just want to make doubly sure that it's running perfectly fine. Sooo give me a shout if you wanna give the game a run.

(It's not a 10 hour game either. Ha ha.)

Progress Report

Arc Blog #6 The entire game is fully made. Just need more testers.

Alrighty! Small update for ya'll!

As the title says, the game is now 100% done in terms of the making. All that remains now is the testing phase. I am in need of just a couple more testers who are willing to give this game a go.

If anyone's up for some testing, be sure to give me a shout!


Arc Blog #5 Near finished, requesting a tester or three.

Hey there peeps, Jaymonius here, and I'm excited to let ya'll know that Arcanion is ALMOST finished, in terms of progress, the entire game is essentially done from beginning to end, the only thing left to do is making a couple of extra cutscenes and the ending scenes.

Gameplay from beginning to end is complete, but I'm not sure how well it will run from beginning to end. Hence I ask for a tester or two to give me a hand with this if you're up for testing through from beginning to end of the game.

Though if you are, I hope you're good a platformer type games, that's about the real only qualification I ask for if you're going to test this, it's a game that is reminiscent of classic Mega Man games, so don't be shocked if you die a lot, haha.

Well, that's all from me, hope to hear from anyone up for testing. ^_^


Arc Blog #4 The demo has been updated.

Now that the contest thing is over, I can update Arcanion on the site. Fixed a few bugs that were mentioned as well as making a couple adjustments. Soooo... be sure to try out the demo. ^_^



Arc Blog #3 A free demo has been released!

Alrighty peeps! After a while I guess, the time has come to release a small demo of Arcanion: Rise of Magi!

You will find the download link over here!


(It's part of a game contest that's currently going on, haha.)

But yeah, I'll be adding a link to the download in mere moments! So be sure to give it a shot, and don't die too frequently! Mwahahaha! :P


Arc Blog #2 Soundtrack Preview

Hey there, Jaymonius here with some samples to show off.

My composer, Abstract the Origin and I have decided to release a few tracks to Arcanion: Rise of Magi. And I figured I'd link ya'll to them here. Soooooo yeah.

Arcanion: Rise of Magi Soundtrack Preview

As far as progress is concerned, I'm nearly finished, just got a final level, ending, and optional boss to finish, and then the game is 95% done. The other 5 will be the beta testing, but that's once everything is hunky dory.

Well, that's about it. Thanks annnnnnd see you again. :D


Arc Blog #1 Something completely different.

Hello and good day to you all, it is I, Jaymonius, that guy who does those things and other things with the things and things.

SO, no doubt some have been a tad curious what brought on THIS particular project, well, I'll explain. A few months ago, I released an old-school game boy project, which was Phantasia Gaiden. A simple RPG, reminiscent of the old Gameboy Final Fantasy Legend games. And I actually had a lot of fun making this said game. To the point where I wanted to make a sequel game. But, last year I learned that the program, Pixel Game Maker MV was going to be released and saw the potential the program had.

My mind immediately went... I WANT TO MAKE A PLATFORMER! So, I took some time to work on some 16-bit stuff for Arcanion, but I was getting drained really quickly as the program was complex and unstable at the time. But since then, I grabbed a slightly better computer, and the program received a lot of more updates making the program a LOT more stable.

Now, cut back to around two months ago, I had an urge, that spark when I made Phantasia Gaiden started to ignite again, but this time I wanted to make a platformer, but this time, instead of 16-bit, I degraded to 8-bit instead. Why did I do this? Well, because I had no experience in making tilesets. So I figured this would be an amazing learning experience on how to make tiles while making this, and needless to say, it's definitely becoming more fun making the game this way.

My goal is to make this game a small little commercial game, with ten playable levels, and I am on the fence on making two game modes, THAT will be a very slight maybe, as I don't want to get too ambitious.

I'm venturing way outside of my element doing something like this, as I've never really made platformers before. But, from my experiences with using edit modes in games like Lode Runner, Super Mario Maker, and Mega Man Maker, I can finally make levels that I wanted to make without being limited to the mechanics of one of the other games.

If this becomes popular enough, I'll consider a sequel, but it's not high on my priority list, as I still need to finish Phantasia 6. However, to those who are curious, this game does have a place in the Gaian Timeline, but this game doesn't take place on Gaia, but one key figure in the Phantasia Universe shows up in Arcanion, and it will explain something that I never really explored until now.

Well, those are my rantings and plans, hope you all enjoy it when I eventually finish it. When will it come out? Who knows. All depends on how good my momentum with this game is.
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