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A new game ...

  • Garage
  • 03/24/2019 10:01 AM
Hello Everybody,

this here is the first game I published, and it's in a pretty early state of development.

Currently it's scheduled to be "finished" around same time next year ... so don't expect anything to be perfect.

What's there? Well, most of the "core mechanics", or the "engine" as you might call it.

All the interaction with the boys and girls our heroine meets in her daily life at her new high school, going out on dates, phone calls ... and of course winning or losing the game ...

What's missing? Plainly said: most of the REAL content. Currently there's just one route to follow (Yuki), and even this is very sketchy. Hina will run in to quite a few other characters too, but - aside from very few events all you can do with those is pretty generic.

Nonetheless I chose to publish my game in this early a state so I can get feedback from you. So: If you'd like to try it - by all means do so, and feel free to tell me how you liked it.