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A modest submission to the Tim Tam Slam Jam of 2019...

Death - we must all face it at some point. Some of us fear it, others embrace it. Others, still, feel neither one nor the other, yet are still troubled when time draws short. "What will I leave behind?" "What is my legacy?"

"Did I accomplish all that I wanted to do?"

Leonardo da Vinci surely felt these things as he lay in his bed during the final days of his life... but he was not alone. Calling for a priest to see to his soul and his pupil, Francesco Melzi, to his works, the ailing Leonardo - through bouts of consciousness and unconsciousness - makes an astounding revelation. "I wish my works destroyed." His pupil is mortified at his master's request and simply cannot comprehend why his life's work should be lost... but he has his reasons, and they are air-tight.

Or are they?

In these last five days, you will take on the role of Francesco Melzi as you try to convince your master, the soon-to-be-late Leonardo da Vinci, that his brilliance should be preserved, not destroyed - to be the inspiration to the world for generations as he has inspired his pupil. It is up to you to succeed and him to decide - not just for yourselves but for the world.

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art."

Latest Blog

Version 1.2 Changelog!

After two years of resting in the earth, renewed interest in this title has brought it back. Thank you to Illy for bringing this to my attention. With that, I've decided to go through and make a couple of changes to help make the game a smoother experience:

- Numerous quality of life changes, such as displaying what kind of stats equipment gives.
- Changed "Pizza" to "Tagliatelle" for the sake of honoring Italy's rich cuisine.
- Included a secondary page for Leonardo's father's dialogue to show a change after beating the first boss.
- Removed "Status" from menu to tighten the UI and establish the intended naming effects.
Other small changes may come soon, but that depends on what all is necessary.
  • Completed
  • Corfaisus
  • Illy
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • RPG
  • 03/15/2019 09:08 PM
  • 07/27/2022 07:39 PM
  • 03/29/2019
  • 14211
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
You're using the FF tiles ridiculously well, but this is a corf game, so honestly I'm not particularly surprised. I love this concept too, I look forward to seeing how it's gonna play out!
Yes! I remember this game was pretty cool, I'm glad it is back since I lost the download! -_-'
I tried playing the game but I keep encountering rpg rtp 2003 not found error on my computer everytime I start it and I tried fixing it with harmony but I found no luck nor success so will u please update and fix this issue in the next version please?
I tried playing the game but I keep encountering rpg rtp 2003 not found error on my computer everytime I start it and I tried fix through it with harmony but I found no luck nor success so will u please update this issue in the next version please?

We'll get on it. Likely just needs to be run through RMtool. Will reply to this and/or repost when we fix it.

Edit - Fixed! The new download should work properly without needing the RTP. Please post here if that is not the case.
Thank you Illy and my final thoughts on your game is very positive because here is my praise. It has pretty good 8-bit graphics, a very nice short story that involves Leonardo Da Vinci and Francesco de Melzi including some pretty decent boss fights and enemies in the game. I like how you used mystic quest engine with a unique 8-bit nes style. Here is my only criticism of the game it lacks a strategy guide for beginning players but despite that I was able to beat the game in less than 4 hours without a problem. So Overall it's a good game I'll give it 4 out of 5 stars. Last thing I want to make clear before I go. Can u please fix your rar archive download because I only encountered a unknown format or damaged archive error on my computer due to the rar archive download. I decided to Winzip it with extract to folder so I didn't want to face any issue. Keep on making Games and I wish you Good Luck developers.
Lots of stuff

Thanks for the kind words! If you enjoyed it this much you could always write a review for the game.
Really like the mapping and how genuinely old school this whole thing plays like. Good work.
Played this one on stream a few weeks ago, and the video just went live!

Great game, cool concept that felt really unique! Unfortunately the game crashed a bunch at the end. Once it's fixed I'd love to play some more!
I'm working with Corf to get a patched version with all these CBA errors fixed~
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