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Version 1.2 Changelog!

After two years of resting in the earth, renewed interest in this title has brought it back. Thank you to Illy for bringing this to my attention. With that, I've decided to go through and make a couple of changes to help make the game a smoother experience:

- Numerous quality of life changes, such as displaying what kind of stats equipment gives.
- Changed "Pizza" to "Tagliatelle" for the sake of honoring Italy's rich cuisine.
- Included a secondary page for Leonardo's father's dialogue to show a change after beating the first boss.
- Removed "Status" from menu to tighten the UI and establish the intended naming effects.
Other small changes may come soon, but that depends on what all is necessary.


Version 1.1 Changelog!

- All teleports have been fixed.
- Made the two chests before the Last Supper battle more visible.
- Added a 'Mix' ability which costs 0 PT, refills PT, and removed the Paint Refill item from the game. Chests in the game previously containing Paint Refill have been replaced with other items.
- Increased the PT cost of all non basic color attack abilities to compensate for the Mix ability being added.
- Modified the paint studio NPC with advice on the color wheel for battles.
- Added a note to each paint studio explaining positive and negative buffs.
- Changed the Cerulean Edge to grant immunity to all negative status effects instead of resistance.
- Lowered Mona Lisa's "Mia Signora" success rating slightly.
- Nerfed the Attack on a few bosses slightly.
- Buffed HP on the Vitriuvian Man boss, and made it where he uses his 50% health ability appropriately instead of sitting there waiting for the battle to be over.
- Changed all shops to reflect the same inventory so the player doesn't feel compelled to travel back to Vinci for thick stockings.
- Added dialogue to the inaccessible housings doors to explain that they are, in fact, inaccessible.
- Moved the hard encounters in the Chambord outside to the west area to preserve the serenity of its inner sanctum.
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