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Short summary? Sure. Spiral Flame is a game about four teenagers and a robot chasing after one of the smartest people in the world to stop him from tearing the universe apart.

Spiral Flame follows the journey of a mid-teen boy named Froze, who's life is completely thrown out of proportion after receiving a call, informing him that his father, a homicide cop in the middle of chasing a man driven insane by his desire to achieve his goal, has been murdered.

Shortly after arriving in Neo-Redding, Froze meets Cherry, a somewhat laid-back and lazy detective, as well as Melody, an energetic and optimistic girl, and Blister, a somewhat easily-tempered, arrogant police officer. Later on, the team joins up with a police robot assistant named Patch, and Froze's journey to solve his father's murder and uncover the truth of what happened to the case his father was working on truly begins.

The final length of Spiral Flame is estimated to be somewhere around 8-12 hours long. The game will include:

- A classic turn-based battle system with Spirit magic allowing you to cast elemental, healing, and support magic!

- More than five party members, but only three in-battle! Choose your own group to bring into battle, and since Froze can never leave the party, you'll definitely have to be smart about it!

- Original art and a bunch of original tracks by yours truly! (All other music will be contributed by other artists or taken from Japanese music sites like Musmus!)

- Sidequests. Lots of sidequests. Do them all.

- A badge system! Every enemy will have a 4% chance to drop it's relative badge. If you have the patience to collect them all, I'm sure there'll be a reward!

- Many colorful characters to meet and friendly faces to see!

- A Social system inspired by Persona where you can spend your nights hanging out with your party members! This will also help them in battle, so raise as many Social Bonds as you can!

- And much, much more to see!

Spiral Flame is a bigger project than Deprimerie was. And while Deprimerie's extension "STORM of the Future" is still in development, I'll be focusing more on SF going into the near future. If you wish to help in some way, you could consider donating to my Patreon page, which also gets you exclusive stuff! I'm also open for music commissions!

If you wish to discuss Spiral Flame-related stuff, come on into the Deprimerie/Spiral Flame Discord server! You can join here.

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