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Many ages ago, humanity hunted the Drow to extinction. To save his family from the hatred of humanity, the wizard Arcus created a new reality for his family to dwell in. For many years, he lived in that little pocket of existence peacefully with his daughter, Laulyrr, and his son Aldus. There was little to fear in this place, no reason to leave, and no human's to threaten them. Then one day, a human came, and in the night, he took Aldus, took him through the door to another world.

Against the will of her father, Laulyrr pursued this kidnapper through that door, a painting leading to a realm that existed between this world and the human realm. On her journey, Laulyrr meets many friends, and many enemies in her journey to find her brother, and maybe, just maybe, she'll find a new purpose.

  • This game uses the FrogCore system to implement Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder style stats and progression.
  • Hime's Weapon Damage changes damage dealing based on traditional dice rolls.

Latest Blog

Jam version is out!

The jam version of this game has been released and that should say everything about this game. We almost didn't make it, forgot several relevant story items, and we're not even sure if the party continues to be together throughout the game. This game is a mess. Probably. I haven't played it yet.

Probably best to wait for a proper version...but...who knows? Maybe it's good and our complete lack of playtesting and quality control resulted in something completely unexpectedly brilliant.

Yeah...probably best to wait for a proper version.