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This game was made for the 2019 Timtam Slamjam by Team Oreo.

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom ruled by a king and queen.
They had two children: one destined to inherit the throne, and the other destined to become a hero.
This three part story chronicles the story of that hero...


Chapter one - The dragonmaster has stolen the tablet of power! As the hero, you must get it back!

Chapter two - The kingdom has torn in two. Can you prove yourself as a hero and bring it back together?

Chapter three - It has been many years since the events of chapter two.
What will you do now? Are you even the hero you thought you were?

This game has two main avenues of gameplay: the overworld platforming sections and the battle sections.

Very early on, the hero will obtain boots that will allow them to jump across small gaps. There is no penalty aside from positional setback for falling, so don't give up!

The battle sections are all unique encounters with immediate relevance to the story at hand. The battle system is fairly standard, but with much smaller numbers than usual. Items cannot be bought so use what you can find wisely!


The hero
The noble child on a journey towards adulthood. With their trusty blade, they can conquer any obstacle!

The hero's brother
The heir to the throne and the coolest brother you could ever ask for. Unfortunately his princely duties cause him to be absent more than you'd want...

The hero's dog
The hero's faithful companion. What would you do without this fine canine?

The hero's friend
A magician with a strong moral compass. What they lack in strength, they more than make up for in magical power.

Latest Blog


We've been hard at work on the bugtested version of our game! It should be ready for play any day now!

However, while this version will be virtually bug-free (with skips on the difficult platforming sections), it is not the absolute ultimate version. We have plans on releasing a Director's Cut edition with significant additions to chapters 2 + 3 and A Platforming System That Doesn't Suck. We've got the latter working pretty well so far! We just need to redo every single platforming challenge to work with it, which may take a while.

But in the meantime, for the sake of not letting the audience wait too long, you'll soon have the 1.2 bugfixed version.

And don't worry, the Director's Cut edition will have enough expanded content (and maybe even new plot twists?) to keep previous players interested.



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Even though I apparently lack the ability to read comic sans I think this looks enjoyable
Besr Richard Slayer
Nominated for soundtrack misao. So good.
Freaking damn this is artsy as all heck! I knew my expectations would be met in the visual department, I really love the style, good job you guys! :D
...everybody walk the dinosaur
This... this looks intense. :o
Very creative ideas here, really looking good!
Reminds me of scribblenauts on the nds.
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Oh heck this is cute as fuck!!! Let me see if the best gamepage misao is still around, and if so, you're totally getting my nomination.

Edit: It is, congrats! I'm sure the game is gonna be just as great!
I swear I'm gonna collapse for a week once we're done with this.

But it will be worth it.
All that custom art!
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