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Many of us already wanted to reach out for the stars or just looked desperately into the starry sky, wondering what might be out there. Do you still know how you wanted to become an astronaut as a child? LISS (acronym for Lost in Space Simulator) will make your long-awaited dream come true. Experience a long-term space mission and return home to your family and friends after you succeed. But take care, because the universe is huge. You should expect to get lost.

The game is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi and Mandarin. Playable on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android or OpenPandora. RPG Maker VX Ace RTP is not required to play.

What awaits you
• Intense story with 15+ playable characters.
• 50+ hours of playtime.
• 200 unique enemies with highly different skill sets and more than 70 different bosses.
• 8-direction(360° via Gamepad) Controls featuring an pixel accurate fast-paced tactical battle system.
• High quality OST with 25 total tracks.
• Playable in 16:9 resolution.
• Online Mode: Play against your friends in multiplayer mode and make it to the top of the leaderboard.
• Spend your Space Credits for upgrades, equipment, weapons, technology and many other useful things.
• Awesome custom graphics drawn by hand.
• Day and Night system.
• Crafting System.
• Farming System.
• Fishing Minigame in space.
• Conquer planets, create colonies and make yourself the leader of huge star systems. Travel with the speed of light using your Warp Drive.
• Control the time by yourself.

Latest Blog

April Fools!

Although it wasn't downloaded very often within just a single day, this game was obviously meant to be a joke. Hopefully y'all had a nice time on April Fools' Day.