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Livers are ordinary people who still have a chance at living great lives and ascending to the next life. Tin is a Liver who had done nothing but wander... until a certain adventuring someone finally approached and encouraged him to unlock his potential. Now, there is no turning back... Tin must live as an adventurer, not only for the thrill and excitement, but to find purpose, and to live life to the fullest.

Explore strange worlds, collect treasures, and fight tough creatures with a team of wacky characters, each with their unique set of skills. Pick your fights carefully, and power your party up with treasures that you find scattered everywhere you look.

Visual and audio assets were made by me; graphics were made in GIMP, and music was made in FL Studio.

The DEMO version only has a few areas, and not much story content; it could take around an hour or two to just play around and collect everything.

Plans for the full version include:
-Many, many more worlds to explore
-More characters
-Quests, including character-specific ones

itch.io Link: Liver Land


Latest Blog

Progress Report 2

A brief video showcasing some more things developed after the demo version. This second report goes over the hotel location, a new playable character, and a new area.

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  • DomedVortex
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  • 03/26/2019 03:02 PM
  • 04/22/2019 12:14 AM
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