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Trash Planet - Dev Blog 1

Yo, it's Adrian, thought I would throw some game development notes here just in case anyone wants to read them. Development on Trash Planet is slowly but surely coming along. Admittedly, I work in bursts of activity (sort of like manic phases, but I'm not diagnosed bipolar or anything), so I have to make the most of these bursts when they occur. In order to keep my progress going more consistently, I've been doing some game design streaming on Twitch. Here's my twitch handle if you want to follow, which would be much appreciated:


Anyway, I would say I'm about 20-25% of the way done with Trash Planet. As far as the story goes, I'm not very far at all, but the engine is there, the combat system is established, the characters are written and so is the story. At this point, it's really just a matter of plunking through it and actually making the game. I wrote Trash Planet as a TTRPG first, which I DM'd and played with my play group, so the script and all the characters are already written. I know of pretty much everything that's going to happen in the game already, and I have a "game bible" of TTRPG pictures / notes / character sheets that I can use.

This game was going to be a sequel to my biggest game that I've made so far, HELLBOUND, and was originally developed as "Hellbound 2," but I ran out of steam on that idea and I didn't think it would really appeal to anyone that didn't play the original. Also, I liked the TTRPG that I made of Trash Planet and I wanted to turn that into a video game instead of wasting my time making a sequel to Hellbound that people might not actually play because it's a sequel. I also like the message of Trash Planet and the characters more than the ones I was working on for Hellbound 2.

I might keep making these blogs if people like to read them. If I don't get any reception I probably won't make them.