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Dev Blog 3 - qUaRaNtInE

What's up gamers. Not surprisingly, development on Trash Planet has been going really well. That's mostly because I can't leave my house or work on my job thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Although Trash Planet is a dystopia story, it's got mostly nothing to do with diseases, so it's not too depressing to work on. In fact it's been a really good escape from all this crapola.

I have completed the Twin City, which is what I was working on last time, as well as the dungeon that goes with that city (The Mall of America based dungeon). Now I'm working on cleaning up what I have of the game, which is about 60% of the game I would estimate, and sending that off to my friends and testers to play. I'm trying to get people's feedback at every step of development, so that way I don't have to edit everything at the end. Seems like a colossal chore to do it that way.

If you are reading this and wanna play what I have of the game, shoot me a DM or something and maybe I'll let you play it, if you seem cool enough.

Anyways, I was gonna work on the game some more so I should probably go do that instead of writing a blog post about it