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Julia finds herself trapped in a world of her own making. Her only way out is to solve puzzles and find her way to the prism tower in the north of the world. She has no one to help her save a strange nine tailed fox and a solid determination to avoid all things icky.

This is a light-hearted game with an emphasis on exploration and solving puzzles, full of humor and quick witted dialogue. Puzzles block progression and can be solved with wit and a well placed item use. Finding her way through this world may not be easy, but it is going to be fun.

Current version is only a demo; but expect many more adventures in the full release.

Tilesets: Used a few from Mack and Avery
Scripts: Yanfly Core - Ace Message System
NeonBlack - Jitter Fix, Star Impassibility bug fix
ModernAlegebra - ATS
Melkino - Window Color Opacity
Kread-EX - Quick Messages

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Short puzzle adventure demo. There is only one type of puzzle, but there are several levels of it. The puzzles arent easy enough to be solvable at a glance, so thats good. However, the main character is very bitchy, and how the fruits work is very confusing. Nice cg's.
Makerscore is a structural weakness.
Fun puzzle game, relatively short. All the puzzles involve pushing boulders along mud paths but there are variations on the puzzle, e.g. the final one involves spikes that can only be crossed once (by either you or a boulder).

I encountered bugs in the cave, the reset button didn't work, while exiting and entering did restore the boulders there were some graphical bugs resulting from it.

Overall I enjoyed Fruits of Talent, hope you manage to finish it sometime soon.
Yeah, she's bitchy in more than one way, and she'll have to learn better =D. About the fruits, though, I didn't intend that. I'll think about clarifying their role from chapter 2 onward.
Thanks Formar~ we're gonna keep working on the game on a regular basis. And try to be less sloppy with puzzle eventing, haha
Thanks for catching that glitch Fomar, I had tested it when it worked then fixed something else which broke that. It is fixed for the next update.
A short and sweet demo. Simply amazing.
A short and sweet demo. Simply amazing.

You are simply amazing! Thanks for the compliment and trying our game! <3
That was fun, though the puzzle that felt the hardest was the first puzzle after the flower, which was a relatively early puzzle. Well, except for the second puzzle if you solve it the "wrong" way. If you try to solve that puzzle the seemingly obvious way, pushing the topmost grey boulder north and out of the way, the game freezes at the leaf, since the boulder stops at the spot your character is meant to walk to later on. It wasn't too hard to find a different way to beat that one, but having to restart because of the game freezing wasn't fun.

Also, was the girl's name meant to be kept a secret until the very end? It kinda' felt like it at the end, where she formally introduces herself to the peacock, but the status screen kinda' gives away her name early on ^_^;

That being said, the game was fun, and I really loved the girl! She was so stubborn and fun XD
Oh, a puzzle bug, what a surprise : D goddamnit
Nah, Julia's name isn't really supposed to be a secret, nor to be important at all. But I'm so glad you liked her.

And it's not a peacock, it's a fox xD
Her parents actually say her name at the very first part of the game, before she even goes into the painting.

I will look into that bug, it is likely that I already fixed it but I will make sure. Thanks for catching it.
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