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Priscilla HATES her JOB!

Phobos Boss Phyte Demo: v1.1

Well, she loves being an Aetherist, but hates having to operate as a Spacer Association field agent. Chasing down the dregs of society, loitering in the shadier side of town, and supposedly has to do so without causing a scene. She's an Aetherist, all of her "spells" are flashy!

If that wasn't enough, her grandfather informed her that she's got an arranged marriage coming up with another spacer agent no less! It's 1878, and her late parents couldn't have known about the Spacer Association. If they did, there is no way they could have approved of it. Then, as if to add insult to injury, the Spacer Association lost track of his whereabouts! All of this, and they called her into work on a Sunday to boot!

Port Phobos and the Aether Frigates takes place in an alternate history, one built out of the classic science fiction of the late 19'th century. A place that's an odd cross-breed of a Victorian society, Steam-Punk technology, and just a dash of the old west. Gunslingers, Aether-tech-mages, and Space Pirates collide in an adventure spanning the inner planets of the Solar System.

  • Venus: The jungle world, our celestial neighbor, looks like some kind of rain forest, but is that really all there is?
  • Neith: A moon of Venus, Neith is a world that was quickly settled by humanity during the first space war, and the home of steam-tech.
  • Mars: The infamous red-planet. With it's red grasslands and cat-people aliens; there is no wonder that it was the first place the Spacer Association placed an outpost.
  • Phobos: If Priscilla was asked, she'd say "This place is just weird." A small moon with purple grass, flying pigs, and some kind of alien plant-life - this place is probably not terribly friendly to outsiders. Wait... Why is there a human settlement here?!!?

Intended Features:
  • Sailing the Stars: Travel the inner worlds via sailing ships!
  • Battling Pirates: That's ship-2-ship combat, but a little different.
  • Standard Combat: Nothing new here, good old fashioned side-view battles.
  • Science on it's Ear: The story and the setting is based on science and science fiction from the late 19'th and early 20'th centuries.

Latest Blog

Phobos Demo Released

Demo is Released!

No, no, not the Boss Demo, that's been done. The actual Demo that includes the first dungeon (3 floors), the first town, and part of the second town. The demo covers the introductions of the characters and the "game world" itself.

Is it perfect, oh heck noes! However, I'm still really proud of it, and hope the demo is worth a look. The demo is hosted over at itch.io, and is linked to from the regular game-page here on RMN.

A note worth mentioning is that combat is far from complete, but it is functional enough to get through the demo.
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  • 03/29/2019 03:47 PM
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  • 01/01/2020
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