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Phobos Demo Released

Demo is Released!

No, no, not the Boss Demo, that's been done. The actual Demo that includes the first dungeon (3 floors), the first town, and part of the second town. The demo covers the introductions of the characters and the "game world" itself.

Is it perfect, oh heck noes! However, I'm still really proud of it, and hope the demo is worth a look. The demo is hosted over at itch.io, and is linked to from the regular game-page here on RMN.

A note worth mentioning is that combat is far from complete, but it is functional enough to get through the demo.

Progress Report

IRL Hiccup and Demo Status

Just dropping a note here to update the development status.

IRL is a pain, and has interrupted development a little bit. It's hard to balance ye' ole' bankbook when the water heater goes out all of a sudden! Due to that I've taken on extra real-world jobs to try to get the ends to meet. Doing so takes time from all other endeavors, including the gam-mak.

With that said, this delay is just going to add another week or so to getting the demo/public alpha of Port Phobos out the door. Once that is done, I'll work on trying to get a version of the other game I've been working on represented here on RMN. More on that later!

Progress Report

The Roadmap

The plan for this is to have an actual demo, not the current bossfight only, out sometime in the next week. I call it a demo, but it' more like a zone-limited snapshot of a work in progress. After that, I need to get another couple of projects added to the RMN site. I'm so lazy. Sigh. Anyway, the plan is as follows:
  • Release Phobos Demo
  • Update and get a page here for "Seriously there is Cat Maidcafe in the Forest!"
  • Release here "FailSwitch Plugin" (a simple plugin that feeds my laziness)

Notably missing is Aurora Magica, which needs some re-tooling before posting a much larger "snapshot demo." The longer term plan is to finish Phobos and the cafe game, so I can update my copy of MV to 1.6.x. Then for other titles, I'll be dealing with changing out what plugins I use.
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