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Wonder Robot D is a RPG featuring a battle system where Robot's current skills are determined by the items you've equipped to them.

  • Explore and collect items to boost Robot's repetoir of skills!

  • Customise Robot's abilities based on items equipped!

  • Strategize and adapt your skillset to overcome the enemies and bosses!

You’ll also need to navigate Robot through the game's overworld. Use rubber plants to catapult across gaps! Escape from gigantic creatures! Swing giant turtles by their tail!

  • Thrilling three act story with 3-5 hours of content

  • Fully Custom Graphics

  • Classic RPG style side view battle system

  • Enemies appear in the field

  • Two challenging bonus dungeons

What's next!

I'm working on a new game, Reindeer Story. There's quite a lot of things I wanted to do with Wonder Robot D which were held back a bit by RPGMaker limitations. But in Gamemaker 2 I've created my own systems.

Check the prototype out here:


Thank you for reading this far! I hope you enjoy Wonder Robot D and my future games.

Latest Blog

Version 1.02 now out!

Hi again,

I've now completed Wonder Robot D version 1.02. These changes are based on feedback that I received and TheGameDawg's playthrough(check it out in the Media section).

General Updates
  • Corrected grammar and spelling mistakes.

  • Updated item descriptions to include brief notes on the element, target and special effects

I've added a description of the Spell equipment grant while equipped. This way on the equipment screen you can tell what a spell will do. This should streamline building your skill set.

Balance changes
  • Ice Javelin: Energy Cost increased from 2 --> 3, you lose 2 Spirit when cast.
  • Flash: Energy Cost reduced from 5 --> 4
  • Energy Sap: Increased power from 3 --> 5
  • Half(enemy only): Now ignores damage reduction from Guarding
  • Shadow Eye: Now ignores damage reduction from Guarding
  • Evil Eye: Now Ignores damage reduction from Guarding.

The biggest change is a nerf to Ice Javelin. This is gained from one of the games optional Super Bosses. It was meant to be cost effect, but it surprised me! It was too cost effective and ended up the best spell to use aganst almost every enemy and boss.

I've slightly increased the energy cost and gave it reduces Spirit(TP). Spirit spells are the best way to restore enrgy. It's still powerful and cost effective but spamming it will hinder your ability to restore energy in longer fights.

Boss Battles
  • Tollem: Reduced HP 75 --> 50; DEF 3 --> 2; Casts Lightning instead of Victory Bolt;
  • Smogatha: Now Uses 'Super Stunner' every 3 turns. Casts Lightning more frequently when low on HP.

I've changed the boss Tollem. his battle was supposed to push the player into running away and paying a toll. But if the player tried to fight on it would end up in a tedious loop where Tollem restores HP and deals damage with Victory Bolt. He now uses the more powerful Lightning Spell alongside the buffed Half. Now if you play aggressively he can be defeated quickly.

I introduced a new spell Stunner in the past but it didn't really have representation on an enemy. So Smogatha now uses a more powerful variant.

  • Corrected event flags in Woodsley to prevent a scene from repeating.
  • Removed way to bypass Mandro in Mint Woods.
  • Removed way to walk through a ledge in Cobble Pass.
  • Adjusted Rooms with Floating Arrow panels to prevent getting stuck on scenery.

I hope these changes make Wonder Robot D more enjoyable.

On a related note I'm currently working on a new prototype RPG in Gamemaker 2. If you follow my Twitter you might have seen a screenshot. I'll be posting a project page sometime this year.

Thanks for reading.

- Azzie
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  • Azzie
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  • 04/02/2019 07:16 PM
  • 05/05/2020 03:20 PM
  • 08/02/2019
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Wonder Robot D's Demo is now ready to download!
So is it a demo or a full game?
I get contradicting messages here :D
So is it a demo or a full game?
I get contradicting messages here :D

Heh, well back in April it was the demo. Now it's the full game.
Congrats on the release! I’ll be checking this out soon!
Congrats on the release! I’ll be checking this out soon!

Thanks, hope you enjoy playing it.
will someone make a guide of this nice game?
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