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In the Town of Woodsley, local inventor Zuka Drake showcased his latest invention: The first artificial lifeform, Wonder Robot D.

Wonder Robot D ("Robot" for short) has a talent to draw the latent potential of any item they find and wield magical abilities. A kettle will let Robot conjure steam, a box of matches will allow Robot to summon fire.

One morning a group Munks(monkey-like creatures) appear at the border of Woodsley...

Wonder Robot D is lighthearted RPG in which you'll guide Robot through an adventure. Robot will encounter dozens of characters both friendly and antagonistic with a variety of fantastical designs and personalities.

It features a battle system where Robot's current skills are determined by the items you've equipped.

  • Explore and collect items to boost Robot's repetoir of skills

  • Customise Robot's abilities based on items equipped.

  • Strategize and adapt your skillset to overcome the enemies

Release Plans
Wonder Robot D is targetted to release in 2019. The demo containing the first act and ~1.5-2 hours of content will be available here and also on Itchio:


The final release will be later in 2019. Keep checking here for updates!

Dev Note
Hi there! I'm Azzie from the UK, developer of Wonder Robot D. Wonder Robot D is a solo project being developed in RPGMaker MV. I've been developing this game in my free time since April 2018.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope you enjoy Wonder Robot D whether it's the demo or the full release. Feedback will be appreciated.

Latest Blog

Wonder Robot Demo - Version 1.01 (Easter Update)

Hello Everybody!

I'm continuing to work hard at making Wonder Robot D. Today I'd like to announce the release of the first update to the Demo. Version 1.01.

This version includes new easter themed content and some bugfixes based on feedback!

Easter Update!
There is now a hidden entrance to a new area, Easter Cave in Mint Woods
Three easter themed items/equipment
Two Easter Slime enemies

General Changes/Bugfixes
Improved performance in Woodsley.
Fixed positioning of characters when re-watching pre-credits scene.
Adjusted a map in Deep Mint Woods to prevent walking through certain ledges.
Modified name input screen to reduce overlap of certain letters.

That's all for now. Keep checking here for regular updates on Wonder Robot D's progress and have a nice Easter!

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  • 04/02/2019 07:16 PM
  • 04/19/2019 11:37 AM
  • 09/01/2019
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Wonder Robot D's Demo is now ready to download!
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