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In the Town of Woodsley, local inventor Zuka Drake showcased his latest invention: The first artificial lifeform, Wonder Robot D.

Wonder Robot D ("Robot" for short) has a talent to draw the latent potential of any item they find and wield magical abilities. A kettle will let Robot conjure steam, a box of matches will allow Robot to summon fire.

One morning a group Munks(monkey-like creatures) appear at the border of Woodsley...

Wonder Robot D is lighthearted RPG made in RPG Maker MV. In this game Robot will encounter dozens of characters both friendly and antagonistic with a variety of fantastical designs and personalities.

It features a battle system where Robot's current skills are determined by the items you've equipped.

  • Explore and collect items to boost Robot's repetoir of skills!

  • Customise Robot's abilities based on items equipped!

  • Strategize and adapt your skillset to overcome the enemies and bosses!

  • Three Act Story with 3-5 hours of content

  • Fully Custom Graphics

  • Side view battle system

  • Enemies appear in the field

  • Two optional dungeons

Release Plans
Wonder Robot D will release in 2019. The demo containing the first act and ~1.5-2 hours of content is currently available here and also on Itchio:


The final release will be available for free both here and Icth.io later in 2019, current estimate is 1st of September but it may come earlier. Keep checking for updates!

Thank you for reading this far! I hope you enjoy Wonder Robot D whether it's the demo or the full release.

Latest Blog

Wonder Robot D will be...Totally Free!

Hi Everyone!

I've been continuing to work at hard at making Wonder Robot D. It's quite close to completion now, pretty much reaching the home stretch.

Originally I set the game as commercial and was considering charging a small amount for the final release. However I decided I'd like as many people as people to enjoy the game as possible.

To summarise the new pricing strategy:

  • It's on the house.

  • Toll Free.

  • Cost Free.

  • It's 100 percent off 100 percent of the time.

  • It's free.

This means you'll be able to download the full game here once it's complete!

It's on track to being complete earlier than my target of 1st September 2019. But I'll announce the date once I can say for sure.

In addition I'd like to thank everyone for their support and interest. Between here and itch.io the demo has been downloaded over 50 times.

That's all for now. Thanks for Reading!

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Wonder Robot D's Demo is now ready to download!
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