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Wonder Robot D - Status Update May 2019

  • Azzie
  • 05/03/2019 08:30 PM
Hi Everyone!

It's been about a month since I've released the demo, so just giving a heads up on the progress. Wonder Robot D's development is progressing quite smoothly that I'm confident in the estimated release data of 1st September 2019 at my current rate provided no major changes in circumstances.

An estimate of completedness each element of the game as:

  • Scripting: 90%

  • Graphics: 90%

  • Dialogue: 80%

  • Maps: 90%

  • Battles: 80%

  • Music: 100%

I'm now in the phase of focusing on polishing and fleshing out the game. Most of the work left is expanding/adding or redesigning rooms, battles, mechanics etc. in existing areas in the full game.

The full game will be three acts and the demo covers Act 1. Act 2 is content complete and my main focus is finishing up the content in Act 3 and then polishing/testing Act 2 and Act 3 to fix bugs before the release.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!