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Release Date confirmed!

  • Azzie
  • 07/22/2019 07:12 PM
Hi Everyone!

As always I've been working hard at finishing Wonder Robot D. Back in June said that I felt like I was on track to complete the game earlier than the estimate of the 1st of September 2019.

I'm happy to announce that this is the case and I am planning on releasing the game quite soon...the 2nd of August to be exact. Up until then I'll be polishing the last little bits of the game and playtesting the final release.

I'll make a new announcement once the game is out with a release trailer. You'll be able to download the full game here for free in addition to itch.io

The demo is now up to 65 downloads between here and itch.io which is beyond what I'd expect so soon for my first game. Thank you for your continued support, I hope everyone is looking forward to the full game!

Thanks for Reading!