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__General Updates___
*Corrected various grammar and spelling errors.
*Updated item descriptions to include brief notes on the element, target(e.g. Single-Target, Multi-Target) and
special effects (Healing, Status, Ignoring Defense, Stealing HP, Stealing EN).

___Balance changes___
* Ice Javelin: Energy Cost increased from 2 --> 3, you lose 2 Spirit when cast.
* Flash: Energy Cost reduced from 5 --> 4
* Energy Sap: Increased power from 3 --> 5
* Half(enemy only): Now ignores damage reduction from Guarding
* Shadow Eye: Now ignores damage reduction from Guarding
* Evil Eye: Now Ignores damage reduction from Guarding.

New Skill:
* Super Stunner(enemy Only): Thunder Magic, Power: 3, Inflicts Stun(100%).

Boss Battles
*Tollem: Reduced HP 75 --> 50; DEF 3 --> 2; Casts Lightning instead of Victory Bolt;
*Smogatha: Now Uses 'Super Stunner' every 3 turns. Casts Lightning more frequently when low on HP.

* Corrected event flags in Woodsley to prevent a scene from repeating.
* Removed way to bypass Mandro in Mint Woods.
* Removed way to walk through a ledge in Cobble Pass.
* Adjusted Rooms with Floating Arrow panels to prevent getting stuck on scenery.

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