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Wonder Robot D is an RPG that takes around 3-4 hours to complete, and while you may start out as a simple robot, you’ll finish the journey as a powerful hero.

Graphics (6/10): The visuals were simplistic for the most part, but also charming. There were some creative character designs, particularly for the enemies. Some maps felt a tad empty, but many others during the adventure were well-designed, with plenty of interesting things going on.

Music (7/10): The title screen music alone was pretty catchy, and I sat there listening to the whole thing before starting the game. Most of the other tracks were fairly standard, but a few were great to listen to, like certain boss themes.

Gameplay (8/10): You only play as one character, the robot, but you’ll always be able to take two actions per turn. The tutorials were fun; they consisted of various dummy battles, explaining the various skills that your character has. I thought the idea of equipping everyday objects to grant you unique skills was pretty neat, and the skills themselves were useful in their own ways. You can find these objects anywhere just by exploring or talking to certain residents. One of my favorite items was the die, which does 1-6 damage at random.

The difficulty did get higher once you started fighting the demons, so I had to choose my moves wisely. There is an option to make the game easier at any time, but I decided to stick with normal mode throughout the whole game. By the end, it got challenging enough to get me a couple of game overs!

Story (7/10): The game is a few hours long, so there isn’t a very huge or complex story, but that’s just fine. At a certain point, the story took a turn that I honestly wasn’t expecting, but it sure made things more exciting! There were some interesting characters, particularly the mercenary group, and of course, the demons.

Content: (7/10): Since the game is on the short side, there isn’t too much in terms of side quests, etc. There is, however, an optional tower where you can seek extra challenges. At various points in the game, there are some fun segments, like running away from a huge monster while avoiding obstacles. Plus, there are a few secrets to discover. (I found the hidden easter egg area with the nifty easter egg item!)

Other points:
-I did notice quite a lot of grammatical errors here and there. I personally didn’t mind, but they are pretty noticeable.
-There were also various bugs at certain points.

Overall (3.5/5): Wonder Robot D did a great job establishing a small, charming world, and the battle system kept me wanting to experiment with all the different items, which you consistently get more of throughout the game. If you’re looking for a few hours of RPG fun, I’d recommend giving this game a try!


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Happy to hear that you enjoyed the game. I was wondering what people thought about my design decisions for the skill and battle systems, so 8/10 for gameplay is pretty reassuring.

I'll keep in mind your critiques regarding the grammar and map design. I'll try and improve those areas in the future. Same with the bug fixing, I thought I was pretty thorough but I'll make sure to keep an eye out.

Thanks for the review. I appreciate the feedback.

No problem! There was plenty of interesting stuff, both in battle and on the maps. I wish you good luck with your future updates/projects!
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