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Thus begins (and ends) the tale of two friends who went into an old mineshaft to retrive a gemstone of high value to the town. And the amnesia one of them suffers solely to have the plot make a little more sense. And the weird magician who helps them to leave the deep, dark mine after he made it there to practice his magic. It's super generic, I apologize.

- The game is made using the RPGMaker RTP. Have fun looking at that the entire time.
- The heroes can only reach up to level 5- what did you expect, me to plan out an advanced skillsheet and individual levels up to 99?
- An original soundtrack I very quickly made in LMMS- You'll go deaf.
- Several unique conversations between the trio and sometimes bullying with positive results? Find them by clicking at literally everything youn find.
- Dark lighting using Terrax's Lighting plugins. They were super useful, so thanks, Terrax.

I'm sorry for your loss. Everyone who plays this, I deeply apologize. I made this game over three years just to try to get used to the engine. Thank you, those on Discord, for being patient and answering my questions.

Have a good game!

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I shall play this game.
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