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Of the things that came with the arrival of an alien being, the weakest of all of them are the slimes. Nobody knows what exactly these things are, but, as weak as they are, nobody's succeeded in destroying one of the dungeons from which they spawn.

Julius Anderson, a modern day crusader, takes the job of eradicating one of these slime dens. Hired on to help him is, well, Julius refuses to learn his name, on account of him being "diseased" with magic, but he's a healer. Through teeth-clenched teamwork, can the duo reach the bottom floor and destroy the source of the slimes?


  • Two party members that hate each other.
  • Several floors of turn-based RPG action.
  • Small side stories for every floor you eradicate.
  • Level ups that only bestow skills that you may be more tempted to use as you progress.


This game is currently in demo form, consisting of the first fourth/third of the game with 30 min-1 hour of content. Feedback will be appreciated!

Latest Blog

Demo Updated!

School is now over forever, so I can finally get back to working on this game. First thing though, I needed to address some issues with the demo. The new version contains the following changes:

  • Shotgun made slightly weaker in exchange for having 3 bullets

  • Some of the side story stuff slightly changed

  • Gooey Slimes replaced Slimes in the boss battle because everyone was mad at the healing

  • Boss now has 70% of reviving people
  • Production
  • scitydreamer
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 04/14/2019 02:14 AM
  • 06/03/2019 05:31 PM
  • N/A
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Pretty neat demo, rambling thoughts on the game:
I thought the tutorial was weird in that it taught you the basics of the game but since every attacks miss it's hard to get the feel for the damage numbers and the correlation of the usefulness that way. It's kind of neat that the tutorial and the story were melded together but at the same time it felt like it broke the narrative a bit for something potentially serious.

Wasn't really sure about the difficulty modifiers, again hard to get to know unless I've gone through a gameloop of the game. I picked the heal after every battle option and the not needing to rest thing, just cause the battles felt like a self-sustaining system anyway. But ultimately I think the existence of the option is a bit confusing.

The rock puzzle at first I didn't realize would be block pushing, I just assumed I had to wait for the rock slime to wander onto the switch and then kill it on the spot. Wasn't a big setback or anything, but I didn't comprehend despite given a tutorial on it for some reason. Maybe a clarification on "move them after they're dead" would improve it or I just misread something.

I like the general flow of things, clear the entire floor and get optional story content etc. I do feel the dialogue has some exposition problems. In that characters for a moment will stop acting natural to explain something to someone they just called an idiot to. Idk something just doesn't quite work, I find the story reward flashbacks to do a better job at world building since you kind of expect that sort of stuff. Some of the flashbacks with direct dialogue (that isn't a monologue or narration) is kind of weird at times like for example: "I did some research beforehand", there's just some redundant lines here and there. As far as the actual cutscenes involving the present main characters I think it's fine to favor Julius commit to being an asshole more, it just seems odd that he takes a moment to explain his backstory to someone he dislikes. Maybe that's just me, but I find myself valuing character driven prose more where maybe a character keeping to themselves makes more sense than letting the audience know what's going on. It's okay to give a bit of mystery! That said I do like the dynamic a lot.

The boss needs... a bit of work. I literally gave up not because I even lost but neither the boss or I would die (or it just felt like it was taking forever). The healing slimes are a bit much, not only that but they revive... I think with RPG bossfights there's a feeling of piling on damage and going all out, but to have that constantly undone feels pretty miserable. I think it also reveals some of the issues with the combat as you have to switch, reload, then finally use the skill to go between AOE and direct damage. The healer has to concentrate, then heal. There's just really unfortunate circumstances when the rotation doesn't quite line up. The regular battles I didn't have a problem with, but I do feel like the reloading dynamic might hit a wall somewhere in that regard. I thought I was gaining headway with the shotgun stun but it didn't have enough ammo to make up for the damage I wasn't doing by canceling the healers.

But uhhhh yeah I like the setting and the simple premise of a slime epidemic involving a weird cultist turmoil. Has some neat potential.
Hey Darken, thanks for all the feedback!

I mainly added the difficulty modifiers because I was concerned about players that could have a hard time; though I guess the problem is, as somebody that can play through the game perfectly fine, it's hard to judge how much those difficulty modifiers are actually needed.

I guess my thing with the exposition is that I feel that I needed to tell more in the demo. In the full game I'd have the exposition spread out so that Julius doesn't just tell Healer what the deal is with him, but you're right in that I could have left stuff out for the sake of mystery.

And jeez yeah I really need to re-work the boss. My playtesters had an issue with it but I liked having enemies around to heal, but now that I have a third major opinion, it's best to do away with them entirely.

I'm glad that you do like some parts of the game and I'll work on improving everything else!
Oh man, wasn't this such a fun demo.

I've gotta say, the white/black/red style in this actually had me in awe. It really looks better than what you'd expect tilesets and other sprites to be.

I, for one, like how Julius calls the healer a fucking idiot and then he's like "Look, my son".

This may be a bug, but if you roll a boulder over that slime enemy under some long stairs, at the end of the battle you don't get healed on "Heal after battle" option. (I can give you a screenshot of the place if this is too vague.)

There's also a small bug in the tutorial, cause like, when it asks the player if they want a gun tutorial, and they choose "yes", a small bit of dialogue will replay.(I used the warning shot skill on my first turn, but it shouldn't be the reason)

The 3 play styles for Julius are easy to pick up, and I gotta say, switching between Revolver(air slimes)/Shotgun(slime mass)/Machine Gun(aoe) was so fun in the boss fight.

I liked every bit of dialogue in this tbh. And that's thanks to the jokes here and there that you made.

tl;dr This is cool.

Thanks for this experience, dude! I'll be waiting for a full release, eventually!
I am not sure whether "increasing" difficulty by not allowing player to heal after battle with a healer in party has any point. You can just use gunner to guard, let your healer do the job and have almost 100% HP after each battle.
So choosing to not get healed after every battle doesn't increase difficulty at all, but makes the game more annying. Perheps two difficulty setting would solve this problem?
Huh. This was pretty goddamn excellent dark look at a sudden "World of Magic and Dungeons" type scenario.

Combat system's pretty neat for such a simple setup, I hope it gets a little deeper as time goes on. Either that, or the game ends up only being about 3 boss levels deep, thus ending up short but sweet.

The boss (after you replaced the healy slimes) was pinpoint perfect difficulty, juuust enough to make me start panicking a little.

The art style is on point. Seriously, that's the only way to put it. It fits the dark tone of the game perfectly. Same with the music.

And finally the story. I like it. It's so dark that it tap dances on the very edge between "super compelling and uncomfortable" and "so grimdark it's funny", and that's honestly really commendable. Those side stories are excellent, and I really hope to see them pay off later in the full game.

I'm impressed by the demo, and hope that the full release goes well. :) I'll be watching this for sure.
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