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It's a gothic novel about a Guild of women (and one man) that are to eliminate their own kind for the benefit of humanity. They are called 'Defects'. These defects are actually evolved humans, the downside of the evolution is they have to devour normal humans to survive.


Diana (the Ruthless):
A vessel of the 'goddess'. She is a rare breed (one is born every generation. There can only be one on earth in any given generation) called 'untainted'. These breeds are able to invoke 0.000001% of the Goddess's power with no penalties. They're basically super humans.

Diana's name comes from her ability to take life without feeling remorse.

Hecate (the Generous)
A defect turned heroine. Hecate is a kind hearted woman that would show mercy to anyone on a whim. Though she's kind, she does have conditions to her mercy. If she shows a defect mercy, she'll force them to swallow an explosive tablet and if they are caught murdering humans, she'll make them detonate it themselves.

Demeter (the Ageless)
A vessel of the 'god'. He is the only male member of the Goddess Guild. Significantly weaker than Diana in some respects he is fortunate enough to be born a defect and a vessel. Since he's a vessel he is capable of rejecting human flesh (or even food all together) with no penalties to his body.

Demeter's nickname comes from his ageless wisdom. He has acquired the knowledge of every other generation of male vessels.

Astarte (the Strong)
A defect turned heroine. She doesn't have any special abilities, however, she has the strength of twenty men. She is easily the strongest member of the Guild even comparing her to both the vessels at the same time. Obviously her name comes from her brute strength.

A normal human that was taken under Diana's wing. That's about it. Oh.. and his town was destroyed by defects infront of his eyes on Diana's watch.

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Seems LE forgot to come back to RMN and upload the newest version of Blessed Lady here.

You can find the updated version, Blessed Be the Lady - Chapter Zero at LE's web site:
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
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