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Progress Report #1: 07/11/2019

  • Jen_Sis
  • 07/11/2019 04:31 PM

What’s kickin’, little chicken? I'm Jen from Jen&Sis.

Peek-a-boo! I'm Sis from Jen&Sis.

We know it's been AWHILE since we said anything about Hobbledehoy,but it's for a good (well sort of) reason. Life was really been hitting us hard (illness, death in the family, and more), but we are back and at-em and we have some things to update ya'll about our little game jam prodigy.

Here is how far along we are coming along with Hobbledehoy;

Story: 100%
Sprites: 85%
Mapping: 75%
Misc: 25%

So as you can see, the full version of Hobbledehoy is coming along, but there is definitely some details that need to be snuffed out. Please pray for us that nothing crazy deters us from having to put this game on another hold, because man, there is so much we want to accomplish this year with future releases.

But we are really excited about the full release because we changed and added ALOT of things to this game (since we had such a short deadline with the game jam). We hope you stay patient with us for a little while longer, but trust and believe, it is worth the wait.

This is Jen&Sis, riding off in our favorite rocket ship!