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First Bug Found in Full Version of Hobbledehoy!

  • Jen_Sis
  • 11/06/2019 05:16 PM

Hey guys!
We wanted to let folks know of a little bug that was found in the full version of Hobbledehoy. Now this is the only bug we were informed about, which isn't so bad. We are hoping that this is the only bug and that the rest of the game will be running smoothly from now on.

Thanks to our WONDERFUL YouTube friend, MikeyBlighe, there is a part in about the third chapter of the game where if you do some events in a certain order, the game won't continue on. We have fixed this bug, and updated the game file! Here is the changelog for v 1.1.0 Hobbledehoy:

  • Fixed the bug that is in Chapter 3

  • Added a 'READ ME' to the game folder

If you run into this bug yourself, download the new game file, and move your save files over and it should be fixed. If that doesn't help, make sure to contact us through the comments, or contact us at jen.sis.productions@gmail.com.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but hey...it happens. We're just glad we were told about it. That's all we have for ya'll today, and this is Jen&Sis, riding off in our favorite rocket ship!