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Embark on an epic journey in a game made in two days as the brave lady Archeia tries to save Aremenia from the evil knight Lord Helaz! For ages he has plagued the realm, trolling the games of the fair citizens of Aremenia, but now, it seems there is someone or something more sinister behind the devilish Helaz's dastardly deeds! Gather your gear and ride forth with Liberty and LockeZ in a grand adventure that spans a map the size of however much the two day birthday time limit allows, and do battle in a combat system that's totally the generic RPG Maker system, spruced up a little bit by Yanfly scripts that make everything look slightly nicer.

This is the quintessential RPG Maker game, because no alterations have been made to the system or database beyond the absolute rudimentary necessities for at least pretending that I'm focused on the minute details!

With graphics by Archeia_Nessiah...because of course I have to...
And Celianna because why am I going to use RTP walls when my favorite walls are right there one file folder over?

The Age of Archeia! No! I won't guess! If I have to guess, I'll guess she's younger than me. That seems like a safe answer!

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Deadbeat Reviewer
Poor Helaz... He’s been RMN’s punching bag for a while now, hasn’t he? I kinda feel bad for the little guy a bit… Oh well.

And this is a nice thing you’re doing, piano…making a little birthday game for Nessy and all of us to play. You really are something, you know that?

And I don’t wanna guess how old Nessy is either... If I had to guess…I’ll just say “chocolate” and just roll with that.
Damn piano I hope it's not bothering you too much lmao.
thank you...excited to play it. <:3c
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