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I give up! New version!

  • djbeardo
  • 07/28/2019 04:56 PM
I was soooo freaking proud of myself, getting the QTE magic system set up in the game. "Oooo," I thought, "this system will be so clever and show the symbolic struggle of the kids getting used to having magic abilities with the players' learning curve of the system. So thoughtful! Much symbolic!"

But I could never get it to work. It worked in small doses, but it ended up crashing in the full game. And it's getting in the way of people enjoying the game. What is the point, if people aren't having fun?

I thought for a while that this QTE system was the only thing that set my game apart. But now I realize that whatever strength the game may have lies not in its gameplay - which is admittedly kinda vanilla - but rather, its story.

A new update has been uploaded that now scraps that QTE system and instead raises the MP used for spells. It should be much more stable and shouldn't require constant crashes/reloads.

Of course, by now, everyone who was going to play it has already played it... so you've all suffered through my poor decisions... :( But to new players who stumble upon Canyon of Fires: Welcome! You shall have a much more stable experience!


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the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
You know what? It's great when you can admit to yourself when something isn't working even when you want it to work soooo bad. One of the most important things to consider is what the player is doing and enjoying, alongside doing what you want to make and see. :)
The QTE idea was super cool, and I think could totally work for a game that was built around it (ala Before The Echo), but I seriously appreciate your willingness to change and adapt design to the limitations in the system.
Well, if scrapping it makes the game a whole lot better then it's worth it. I know there can be a dilemma in the mind over this, and I wouldn't be completely discouraged by the feature you liked but scrapped.

It's possible what you had is still good, but just not for the other combinations of things in this current game. Reading the comment above me here seems to think so.

I mean scrapping something can lead to thinking it was completely useless all along, but later going back to it and remembering why it seemed a good idea at the time might help realize hey it might still be useful just, as said above, not with certain other combination of mechanic and features in this exact game.

Whether you actually want to use it in another project sometime in the future, doesn't have to be the next project, or forget it completely is the question to think next time.

And, we all learn from experience! (For me I've in the past been scrapping entire projects, so congratulations on making something!!!) Good luck.
Thanks, all!

Yeah, I still like the mechanic. And the reasons why I put it in in the first place are still reasons why I want it in there.

There's just something busted about it the script. I think it's not playing well with my anti-lag script, honestly. So it came down to: scrap the system or re-do EVERY map. I tried contacting the dev of the script (he has moved on to other things, understandably), deleting scripts (didn't work), moving scripts (didn't work), finding a different qte script (would have required getting rid of the battle symphony side-view battlers)...

I think there were some people who didn't even notice the bug. They were playing for a little bit and closing out/restarting so regularly it didn't matter. And I've heard from other people that, as long as you fought a battle regularly, it seemed to work consistently - if you made a bunch of map transfers without a battle is when it would glitch. And then others were fine with the bug and restarting - the whole "you get what you pay for, we're all just trying to make something in rpgmaker and sometimes shit is buggy" mentality. Which I'm good with. I've certainly grinded my way through buggy rpgmaker games.

Thanks for the support, all!
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