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As creative as I would like to be, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I have gotten inspired by a number of things I see in media and online.

Here's a collection of things that have inspired me as I have developed this game and the overall world of At Last Alone.

Some people are curious about the title of my game series. I'm a huge Avalanches fan. And while I don't consider this their best album, I do like the cadence of the words. Also, since there are a handful of warring factions in my world, I thought it had relevance. Also, it starts with an "A", so it's at the top of searches.

While it isn't explicitly discussed, my world is set far in the future after a series of calamitous events. One of these events is the over-zealous development of gene editing technologies. I'm fascinated by that kind of stuff and this video is a great introduction to that.

Setting a game far in the future with fantasy elements and also some advanced technology is a weird balance. I hope I strike it more than I don't. I like the way Gunnerkrigg Court deals with the intersection of technology and magic and I've tried to emulate that. I've even cribbed a few of my favorite lines from that series in my dialogue as an homage.

Cursing in a fantasy world is always tricky. Do you use current words and break immersion? Not use any curse words? Make some up? Well, I made some up. Curse words are based on what a society finds taboo or scary. I felt that, in a world where medical advancements had helped lead to a downfall of humanity, that medical slang and portmanteaus would emerge as the curse words of my world.