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While I have tried to make it clear as to where to go next and what to do, sometimes is can get a little confusing - especially if you take some time away and come back to things.

Major directions are in the dialog in blue. Also, major points of interest and NPCs have a little sparkle on them to draw your attention. Each village has an item dealer, armour dealer, weapon dealer, and accessory dealer. Each village also has an inn. A special cutscene is in every inn the first time you stay there with the children.

Below is quick walkthrough to get you on your way.

1. After the initial battle with the thief and swordsman, you have to go inside and get Georgie. However, be sure to open the chest in the bedroom and get all the goodies that will get you on your way.

2. Head off to Laurentide and talk to the king.

3. Head off to the Lumber Station and talk to Gary, the man in armour standing in front of the station and near the sheep pen.

4. Go north into the cut-down forest and talk to the two lumberjacks there to start the ogre battle.

5. Once Gary joins permanently, go south to Karluk Baytown.

6. Once in Karluk Baytown, go to the building at the north of the fountains and look for the man on the right side. There should be a sparkle on his head.

7. Once you talk to the prince, head west out of town and go up to the waterfall. There is a hidden entrance to the cave in the center of the main waterfall. Head behind the waterfall and press up.

8. When you hit the lost woods, there is a barrel with a note in it. The note mentions ESWWN, which are the directions. Go out the east exit, then south, then west, then west again, then north.

9. After you talk to Tiis, go north past the arch.

10. The cave has four puzzles: 1) Go through the fake wall on the left to light the single torch; that will open the door. 2) Push the round boulders to make your way through the maze. 3) Talk to the cat three times and he will sit next to the switch you need to flip. 4) Go through the fake wall on the right to make it to the door.

11. Go through Agutaq Village to the last house on the path. There is a ladder that goes down off a cliff and you can roll a boulder out of the way. Press on the rock wall with the sparkle on it.

12. Once the kids join, you should be around level 5 or 6. There is a miniboss battle. If you don't feel leveled up, turn around on the map before the battle and go back into Agutaq. A slime should be around to grind on.

13. After the battle, talk to Tiis in the main hall.

14. After the talk, go to the far east of the map and go up the steps to the Sky Altar.

15. Once the scene is over, you are free to leave Northrise. Head to Laurentide and talk to the king again.

16. Sydfrith will give you the prison pass. At this point, the entire map is open to you and the ferries/wagons are unlocked. This is a good place to complete sidequests and reach a level of 9-11.

17. When ready, go the northwest part of the Laurentide docks and talk to the harbormaster to go to the prison.

18. Go to the prison and talk to the warden.

19. After the warden, go to the north part of the second floor and talk to Alyseth.

20. Go to the Laurentide Inn and go to the dining room - you do not need to stay at the inn.

21. As Sissie, light the three dead trees in front of the prison on fire.

22. As Shizzie, go to the northwest corner of the prison grounds and talk to the bunny.

23. As Gary, if you talked to the Joke Brothers, you will tell five jokes. Each joke brings in more guards which makes the stealth part easier.

24. As Cal, sneak through the prison and avoid being chased by the guards. There is no right or wrong to do this. Head up the stairs and then head to Alyseth's cell on the north end of the second floor.

25. When you get back to Laurentide, Alyseth will escape. You can find her in the southwest corner of Laurentide in a small house. The door is ajar.

26. When Alyseth joins you, be sure to equip her weapons and head out of town.

27. After the battle with Hazel, go south to Karluk Baytown.

28. In the forest, run south and avoid the guards. They are set to run after you, so you need to block them behind trees or run faster.

29. Once in Karluk Baytown, head to the southeast of town, over the bridge, and talk to Georgie.

30. Once on the ship, as Cal talk to all of your team members. You can talk to them in any order. Once you talk to Sissie about catching the tables on fire, Bril will ask you for help.

31. Navigating the straight is similar to the prison sequence. Just avoid the ships and go to the northeast of the map to find the exit.

32. Navigating the Shoal Maze can be daunting. But the path through the maze is a different water color than the rest of the water. Stay on the lighter water path and you'll make it through.

33. Once in Moranthia, visit the inn and pick up the red book on the table to gain access to the Triple Triad pub.

34. You'll need cards to play Triple Triad. You can buy them at the item shop, but you can also find them around town. One is in the well. Once you buy a pack, you have to "use" it to open it and get the cards.

35. If you are terrible at Triple Triad, you can go to the second floor of the inn and talk to the Triple Triad Tutor.

36. Once you have 10 wins, you can talk to Gozeline. You have to throw the match against her and lose for her to give you the pass south.

37. After the battle, go south past the checkpoint.

38. Chelezar's lab can be found to the southwest in the small cabin, down the steps. There is a lock on the door. The solution is 0007.

39. After talking to Chelezar, go back out to the forking path and head south to Scarlet Cave. Go down the ladder to the locked doors. Click on the angel statue.

40. Use the Bringer's Claw on Alyseth and go through the right door.

41. You have to turn the water off in the main area. Turn the three globes to blue to go into the right door; turn the three globes red to the in the left door.

42. In the right door, hit the switches in order to go through the various doors. In general, you move from right to left through the doors. If you have keys, be sure to put them in angel statues.

43. In the left door, go through the false wall on the right to get to the main switch. If you collected sidequest jewelry, you can use the levels to open up the doors. The doors are numbered 1 to 5, from left to right. The switches are a binary code: 001=1, 010=2, 011=3, 100=4, 101=5.

44. Once you drain the water, go through the door to the end and place the talisman in the angel. This creates a chest with a skull in it. Pick up the skull.

45. Go out of the main area, past the Bringer's door, and head up the rope ladder. Then go into the other area down the rope. Place the skull in the alcove. Open the chest that appears.

46. After the battle, leave Scarlet Cave and head to the Moranthia docks. Talk to Bril.

47. After arriving in Laurentide, go to the castle.

48. Move through the crowd and go to the open space in front of the stage.

49. After you gain control after the cutscene, talk to Sydfrith if you aren't Level 15 yet; he will make you Level 15.

50. Head into any door to start the final battle. That's the end!