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"The sky is bright yellow, an unfamiliar moon and a mysterious man-made sky ship looms overhead. This is not Earth..." -Fynn upon arriving on Inanna.

Fynn is an Earthling who finds himself whisked away to another world. He makes it his goal is to somehow find a way back to Earth but has been unsuccessful for the past 3 years. When the city he is staying in is attacked in a hit and run attack by a rising power in an attempt to steal the city's power source, Fynn is contacted by a mysterious small robot on orders from an unknown master and asked to help retrieve these power sources. To do this, he has to venture into the deep ruins of the world.

What secrets do these power sources hold? Who sent this small robot? Why were the power sources stolen?

You'll have to answer all these questions if you want to go home...

• 5 Zelda like dungeons each with their own unique theme.

• You can tackle the first 3 dungeons in any order.

• Each dungeon has a unique item and mechanic to go with it.

• 3 outfits to collect and wear.

• Mini-games, secret areas, and secrets about the world itself.

• Handmade tileset and graphics.

• Dialogue choices

• Interesting and memorable characters to meet and interact with.

Available on Itch.io: https://allyjamy.itch.io/afterfall

Latest Blog

Afterfall will be free!

So a few months back, I had been thinking about whether to sell my game or not. In the end I decided I would. But now, I have changed my mind, as I would rather as many people as possible have the opportunity to play my game.

Oh, and in case there was any doubt. Afterfall is not released yet, so no actual copies have been sold.

Henceforth, Afterfall will be free to download when it is released.

Thank you.



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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
WOW, this looks amazing! Subbed and following closely!
WOW, this looks amazing! Subbed and following closely!

Thank you! Hope to keep you updated!
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