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You're Neora Lee.

Neora Lee is an 'outsider' that lost his bride in the battle for Utopia. In this battle he also lost his memories and the ability to control his chronological flukes. Now he uncontrollably changes from child to adult. In the battle to reclaim everything that makes him 'him' you are forced to fight for your memories.

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Is the game too difficult for you? Here is a few pointers.

The final boss of the demo really made it all worth it for me..
I didn't expect anyone to actually get everything *raises pinky evilly*

So here are the extra credit answers.

Child Neora is good at evading attacks and only can defeat magic users in which Juvenile Neora and Adult Neora has a hard time.

Juvenile Neora is good against both types however dies easily.

Adult Neora is good against brawn monsters.

Inside the chests are usually skills, or weapons. There are two unlockable summons for Child Neora inside the first stage. There is one unlockable weapon (flame fist) for Adult Neora inside the first stage.

Flame fist does 2k damage to any enemy including the final Boss of the First stage.

The boss of the first stage is impossibly annoying. I'm pretty sure you'll have fun with it. My advice to you is when the boss flies away you get the hell out of the way as well because he has a canon attack that can one hit any of Neora's stages.

Also with the flame fist you're able to break boxes.. inside the boxes are hidden potions and elixirs.
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  • 04/24/2009 08:38 PM
  • 02/06/2013 09:07 PM
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Dream big, expect nothing
Looks pretty good. I'm gonna download the demo and see what it's like man. Give you a comment probably tomorrow
This battle system looks pretty good but the game is either full of bugs or you just don't know how to make a game... Nothing is written (tries to write but everything is blank). You are thrown in the start to this place (the screenshot) and have a chance to save... why save?! you just started the game, I REALLY don't know whats going on here and im fairly disappointed because it looks pretty promising... Fix those massive amount of bugs (the most I have for a looong time) and update it if you want a review... No way im reviewing the game this way...
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