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Mario's Musical Marathon is a music-themed Super Mario Bros. X episode. Each stage has a different tune chosen by the creator of the stage, anything from classical Mozart to heart-pounding rock. Jam out to awesome music while traversing trippy Mario landscapes! The core Super Mario Bros. X game, preferably version, is required to play.

This game started with the Mario's Musical Marathon event here on RMN and is now an open-ended project. Please read the rules in the show/hide section below if you would like to contribute new stages.

- Stages should be created with the SMBX engine.

- Each stage should use a single song THAT IS NOT PART OF SMBX'S DEFAULT MUSIC SET as its primary theme. Remixes and alternative versions can be used in conjunction, but it must be clear that the songs are obviously related. Small rooms that are not part of the stage's real meat (for example, intro room, epilogue room) may use other music including SMBX's default music.

- Each stage must have a checkpoint if feasible, 5 dragon coins and end with a SMB3 star. Exceptions to the checkpoint may be allowed for technical reasons -- for example, checkpoints do not work with auto-scrolling stages.

- Stages must not contain SMW stars or the infamously buggy duo of Unskinned Dry Bones and SMW Bowser Statues. It is possible to get textures for dry bones that avoid being buggy and SMB3 Bowser Statues work much better.

- Water must be swimmable and waterfalls must be decorative.

- All characters must be able to clear a stage unless a stage is made with a specific character in mind. In this case you must make sure the player is definitely that character before they begin the main meat of the stage.

- Avoid pesky softlocks, there should be no situation where you are still alive and yet unable to progress.

- Try to avoid one-block high dead end gaps, this causes SMBX's infamous zipping trick and can cause some unwanted effects.

- Luigi would like to remind you that the Mario Bros. are generally a U-rated brand and while he will grant some slack, if a song is too vulgar, he will kindly request you to either find a less vulgar or censored version or in extreme cases may ask you to use a different song. If you're not sure, leave a link in the event comments and he'll let you know.

- Each stage must have Luigi of Mushroom Kingdom's Seal of Approval. The stage will be judged and feedback provided in order to make sure there is a consistent level of quality. Once all feedback has been taken care of, the level will be accepted and published as part of a new version of the episode.

- To submit a new stage, upload an archive (.zip, .rar, etc.) with the necessary files to a place where it can be accessed (for example your RMN locker space or a file-hosting service), then post a link to it in a comment on this game page.

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I guess I'll do a quick LP of this either tonight or tomorrow.
I don't know why you released that README in .odt format, but Microsoft Word had trouble opening that document because it was corrupt (contained unreadable characters). But you should've saved it in MS Word as a .docx file.

Anyway, getting ready to LP this, should be able to complete it in 1 video.
Geh...Microsoft, Y U no handle open-source formats correctly? :P Well, I saved it as a .doc and Word is able to open it with no issues. Actually, it can open the .odt as well, you just have to say Yes when it asks if you want to attempt to "recover" the contents. But anyway, the game download now has the .doc version of the README instead. Thanks for pointing out the issue.
I've already uploaded my LP of this to YouTube & submitted the video to the media section, but apparently whoever is in charge of approving media uploads is asleep at the wheel because it still hasn't been approved yet so here's the video of it:
(Gameplay ends at about 37:38 & everything after that is a status update since I haven't uploaded a LP in over 2 months)
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