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Legends tell of an ancient empress named Elexorien, a mysterious character whose story is lost in the dark ages.
The only thing known about her is that, at her death, she had herself buried with all her immense riches in an inaccessible tomb full of traps.

Many have searched for it without success or have never returned to tell it, but you, almost by chance, have come to the entrance of that mausoleum that time has forgotten.
Her riches are at hand, will you be able to make them your own or will you have a solitary death in the bowels of the earth to keep the ancient empress company?


The game focuses heavily on the claustrophobic atmosphere of the maze and on identification with the protagonist. Expect QTE to survive traps, a lot of exploration and some riddles to solve.

Being a tribute to the old Dungeon Crawlers, it will be better for you to arm yourself with squared paper and pen, they will be useful, especially in the final part... hint hint...

This game was made in 2015 for a Labyrinth Contest, so it's a relatively short project that I created in about 3 weeks.
As usual, I wanted to try something different than the standards of RPGMaker 2003, creating an engine to have a first person dungeon crawler.

A few years has passed since then, and today I have finally decided to correct a few things, add a more personal touch and, above all, translate it into English, with the help of my friend OldPat, whom I thank very much.

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  • 05/02/2019 06:56 PM
  • 05/08/2019 05:30 PM
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OrudoPatto, kisama!
Finally in here too!
This is another pretty impressive display of what can be done with the tool.

Another good game from good ol' Test! :)

After a little further test, in a few days I'll submit the game for the download.

Stay tuna!
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
What is this game? Looks incredible. Love how you've broken out of the constraints of the maker. I'm really interested to see what it's like. Subbed.
Deadbeat Reviewer
Oh! So this was that labyrinth contest game that you were talking about in that Pocket Quest review I did some time back. Huh…

Well…I’m not the biggest fan of dungeon crawlers in the world...but since you made it and I really enjoyed your last game, I’m going to give this is a try whenever it comes out! I think it’s only fair.
Yes, it is.
Made it in 2015, now slightly refreshed.
Obviously VEERY different from Pocket Quest. I like to experiment XD
Download available!!!111!!

I hope no bug or grammar error survived, but in case... you know what to do.

OrudoPatto, kisama!
I hope no bug or grammar error survived, but in case... you know what to do.

Beat the crap out of the translator!


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