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You’re my most important treasure....
You’re all I have left....
But....I can’t leave you alone....
....I can’t let you suffer....
That’s why....please....

9-year-old Nikanor finds himself at the bottom of a cliff and no memory of how he ended up there. Also his mother is nowhere to be seen and his house is not quite how he remembers it.

Confused and determined to be reunited with his disappeared mother, Nikanor is forced to venture through the nonsensical places inside his house. Will things ever go back to how they used to be?

Claroscuro is an RPGMaker adventure/horror game and prequel to Expiatora.

Latest Blog

Claroscuro Demo v0.1 Release!

Demo is finally released! Feedbacks and reviews are all welcome.
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  • ximsol182
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Puzzle
  • 05/08/2019 02:36 PM
  • 08/15/2019 04:54 PM
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"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Oh hell yeah, I'm proud of myself for instantly recognizing the art style and guessing you also made Expiatora. Speaking of which, that game looks amazing and I'm excited for it and everything, but this one just looks so much more up my alley I think it might actually be the one I'm more excited for out of the two. Really hoping to play this whenever it's ready!
Oh, this looks like a neat game! I should probably play the first game before the sequel is finished. Subbed
I love this art!!!
Can't waitttttt
Me encanta! ^_^
Pero muy oscuro jajaja
Kidding. Looks great.
Looking really good! Wonderful writing on character for the children, nice mapping and beautiful artwork. : )
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