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Progress Report

Added minimap, new boss, legendary weapons, other bug fixes

Implemented a minimap on the world map (toggle with enter key)!
Added to the final town a new NPC who sells legendary weapons. (You have to fight him, though.)
Fixed a bug where a monster tries to heal non-existent allies.
Improved treasures in one of the Act 5 dungeons.
Adjusted one of the Inn's scripting so that you don't run into a table.
Fixed a bug in the equip menu that would, for instance, continue to display page 1 gear when you were looking at page 2.
Fixed multiple issues with Omni Drain (didn't update display of user's HP and it could kill enemies without removing their graphics).
Refactored the CBS to make it easier to display non-default battle animations for enemy skills that re-use the fight function.

Progress Report

Lots of Act 5 work - Skill menu bug fixes

Added a new room to the final dungeon (and it's wild).
Fixed numerous bugs in the skill menu.
Fixed some incorrect skill descriptions.
Adjusted music in the final cutscene.
Balanced the final boss better.
Fixed a display bug in the Equip menu (displaying the wrong accessory name).
Added basic monster encounters in the final dungeon.
Adjusted shop inventory for Act 5 (the last town now has more overall inventory, both higher tier and lower tier).
Added a new special attack for one of the Act 5 monsters (in the long run, I want to give a lot more monsters special attacks so there isn't an excess of auto-attacking).
Adjusted the Act 5 overworld monster parties, and modified them so they can drop items and rare weapons / armor.

Progress Report

The Seventh Seal cutscene and other changes

I think my progress towards making new revisions to this game is going to slow down a lot, as I'm currently focused on recording and releasing some rap music in my free time. The features in this update were all implemented by August, and I suppose they are enough to constitute a complete update without any further delay.

List of new changes:
-Implemented a new cut scene (inspired by The Seventh Seal).
-Created another new skill for the final boss.
-Improved the cut scene at the start of Act 4.
-Added more NPC's / dialogue to Act 4.
-Added a new accessory, Smoke Bombs, which increases your chance to run from battle.
-Fixed the description and effect of the Ether item. Fixed the description of the Potion item.
-Fixed the parallax background for the encounters from an Act 5 dungeon.
-A lot more refactoring of repeated code into helper functions.

Progress Report

Act 5 boss work. Bug fixes. New accessory.

-Fixed a typo in Act 5.
-Adjusted the the waits after you exit the menu, because too often the menu would instantly re-launch after you exited it.
-Added some NPC's in Act 1 to explain a bit about stats.
-Added a new accessory called Running Shoes (+1 Speed).
-Fixed a display bug in numerous menus involving numbers larger than 99.
-Corrected and balanced certain boss encounters in Act 5. (They are now harder and more rewarding.)
-Created a new monster. Altered the final boss to be able to summon the new monster.
-Added another ability to the final boss.
-Fixed a bug in which Rose could waste her turn trying to heal a dead ally.
-Fixed the background of a boss fight (it's still not great).
-Balanced the inventory of one of the Act 5 merchants.
-Minor dialogue changes in Act 1.
-Created some new helper methods to ensure better maintainable code.

Progress Report

Game = complete

I'm making the game as complete now. There are no more empty or incomplete maps. No maps that need NPC's filled in. No NPC's without speaking parts. No known serious bugs (there are some minor ones). I will still release a few more updates just to tune the monster stats, fix minor bugs, etc.

-Fixed 2 bugs in Act 4 (wrong hero was displayed in two scenes).
-Realized that I accidentally reused the same charsets to represent different characters, so I fixed that.
-Added 3 maps (1 to Act 4, 2 to Act 5).
-Added some dialogue for NPC's.
-Fixed a bug in which two different characters used Roundhouse Kick whenever you selected the Solar Plexus commanded.
-Refined the monster parties in the Act 5 world map.
-Fixed the abilities of a monster called White Mage.
-Fixed some boss music issues.
-Added a bit of flavor to the final boss battle (not much).

Progress Report

Numerous bug fixes (mostly in Act 4)

-Fixed 5 bugs in Act 4 (1 dialogue bug, 1 teleport bug, blocking bugs in a cutscene, Lockin was wrong level when joining party, 1 treasure chest bug).
-Fixed 1 bug in Act 5 (Sierra was wrong level when joining party).
-Fixed a bug with Lockin's weapon proficiencies.
-Adjusted some shop inventory in Act 4.
-Adjusted 2 monster's stats.
-Fixed a display bug in combat when MP exceeds 99.
-Fixed a bug in Sierra's skill menu.
-Changed Lockin's starting equipment.
-Added some battle animations.
-Fixed a bug in the Recovery skill.
-Some minor mapping in Act 5.
-There are technically monster parties in the Act 5 world map now. But I still have to adjust which monsters are encountered.

There are still some more quirky bugs that I found during Act 4 testing. None of them are serious, though.

Progress Report

Lots of Act 3 bug fixes, including some serious ones

-Added a new map to Act 5.
-Added another NPC to Act 4.
-Added a post-battle message to Act 5.
-Added treasure to an Act 5 dungeon.
-Fixed 12 bugs in Act 3 (3 typos in dialogue, 1 passable chip, Show Message hiding hero bug, 2 battle parallax bugs, Cecil unable to use Recovery ability, boss not existing because of a variable, 1 crashing bug, 1 bug related to shifting a character's stats and position within the party, and 1 menu enabledness bug).
-Fixed 1 bug in Act 4 (A special effect caused so much lag that it ruined a scene).
-Minor stat adjustments for 4 monsters.
-Made it easier to find the Forest Maze in Act 3.
-Added a little NPC dialogue to Act 2/3.
-Fixed a bug related to Summer being proficient in a staff instead of a knife.
-Shrank the installer size by moving-out unused Monster png's.

Note: if you're already in Act 4 and it seems that the character Rose is strangely split between party slot 4 and party slot 6, then visiting any town should automatically fix the issue.

Progress Report

Act 4 basically finished. New cut scenes.

-Created another monster and added it to some parties in an Act 5 dungeon.
-Balanced some monster stats in Act 5.
-Added TWO new cut scenes for Act 4.
-Some additional mapping for Act 4.
-Some mapping for the final dungeon in Act 5.
-Added some more dialogue to Act 4 (every NPC in Act 4 has a speaking part now).
-Implemented a new dream sequence for Act 5.
-Implemented an epilogue at the end of the game.
-Tuned some other resolution scenes from the end of the game.

Progress Report

Lots of Act 4, also a crash fix

-Fixed a bug in Act 4 weapon shops that would crash the game if you hovered over bludgeon weapons.
-Removed a character from party at the correct time in Act 4.
-Added monsters to the continent of Act 4.
-Created a new monster.
-Balanced some existing monster stats.
-Fixed a bug in Cecil's equip screen that may not have been easily noticeable.
-Added more NPC's to give you clues about where to go in Act 4.
-Started making maps for the final castle.
-Other Act 4 dialogue.

Progress Report

Lots of attention to the end of Act 3 (cut scenes and bug fixes)

-Refactored the Equip screen to eliminate risk of "Events call limit exceeded" error, and added ability to switch between characters within the screen.
-Fixed a bug that could prevent progression to Act 4 if you talk to Dementius twice in a row.
-Fixed a bug at the beginning of Act 4 that disables menu access.
-Fixed a minor bug that causes Dementius's daughter to say the wrong dialogue at one point.
-In a previous build, it's possible that some players may have gotten stuck in an easy mode where random encounters never spawn. The cause of the bug has already been fixed. But I added extra insurance to unstick those players.
-Fixed a bug with a helper method that fully unequips characters. Not sure if the bug is actually observable in the game.
-Implemented a new helper method that removes a character from the party and does other variable housekeeping.
-Fixed some other instance where I forgot to remove a character from the party and shift other characters around at the end of Act 3.
-Implementing more cut scenery at the end of Act 3.
-Slightly more Act 3 and 4 dialogue, but not really.
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