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The Seventh Seal cutscene and other changes

I think my progress towards making new revisions to this game is going to slow down a lot, as I'm currently focused on recording and releasing some rap music in my free time. The features in this update were all implemented by August, and I suppose they are enough to constitute a complete update without any further delay.

List of new changes:
-Implemented a new cut scene (inspired by The Seventh Seal).
-Created another new skill for the final boss.
-Improved the cut scene at the start of Act 4.
-Added more NPC's / dialogue to Act 4.
-Added a new accessory, Smoke Bombs, which increases your chance to run from battle.
-Fixed the description and effect of the Ether item. Fixed the description of the Potion item.
-Fixed the parallax background for the encounters from an Act 5 dungeon.
-A lot more refactoring of repeated code into helper functions.