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Can the World save itself?

In a serene setting where tried-and-true Heroes face an unexpected evil that challenges one's relationships, none can overcome the dark controller of the elements... That is, until you give it a try.

Tranquil Garden is a casual, easy-to-pick-up RPG with a Character-Driven Narrative that places you in control of Juniper, accompanied by Cedar and Lily. What makes this experience unique is how you and your party grow:

By interacting with the world's citizens and exploring each map, you can gain levels and learn new abilities. And by bonding with your party members through Stat-Boosting Dialogue Prompts, you could become the Hero this world needs!

Explore the vast world of Ativ, a beautiful place inspired by various types of real-life gardens, and experience colorful interactions that may mold your fate. Tackle arduous obstacles and face off against Strange-Looking Monsters in dungeons that Adventurers and even Heroes don't take lightly.

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