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Amorphous is a top down beat em up arcade style game. There are several different kinds of enemies who drop several different kinds of power ups. The goal of the game is to get the highest score possible before the player runs out of lives.

-Strategies to discover (eg: use a slime trap on a slime decoy to lure foes into their doom.)
-Emergent behaviors to discover (eg: more then one way to heal.)
-Original Graphics Assets
-Original Audio Assets
-Customizable score cards, so that you can compare scores and see various data regarding your play through)
-Shot gameplay sessions lasting only a few minutes for intense short bursts of play

Please upload your score cards (which can be found in the .exe directory after every game) in the comments section. These data would be an immense help to gather information on your play sessions and for better polish and balancing in the near future.

Please leave comments, criticism and ideas on anything and everything. But particularly leave criticism and/or ideas on the polish, balance, current enemy types, future enemy types, current power up types, future power ups, more game modes and etc.

Follow my work at:
YouTube: https://cutt.ly/ZmROcSm
Instagram: https://cutt.ly/HmYvwDX
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KhaliCanvasStudios

Latest Blog

Working on three new enemies!

Hitter (Slime Family)-Some say the gems stuck in its body is the primary reasons you wound not want to take a hit from this guy

Speedy(Robot Family)-Propulsion technology instead of legs allows it to never loose its speed no matter the terrain

Tank(Familiar Family)-This wholesome familiar wont go down as easily as its brethren
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  • 05/25/2019 02:02 PM
  • 09/14/2019 05:43 PM
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Hey you! Long time no chat. Saw you have a new game and figured I'd give it a play.

First off--took some getting used to in terms of controls, but I love a challenge. My first few play-throughs were pretty bad LOL I got 1 star. I eventually got 2 stars (and got very excited). I then started to learn the enemies movements and attacks, and that moving nonstop is key. I was able to get all 10 STARS! Took me about 8 tries to get that.

Below are the Scorecard screenshots you requested under a HIDE TAG:

AND NOW... for my proudest moment! :-)

Great job! Looking forward to seeing where this goes and play again.
Lots of thanks for the response and also the enthusiasm. Sorry for the late reply. I must be doing something right to get eight play through <3 This is really helpful and encouraging <3
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