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No matter the place
No matter the time
Your shining light
is my only guide

Being the sole guardian of the Sanctuary, Liwayway is used to a life as the chosen handmaiden of Hanan, the goddess of the dawn. However when the very foundation of the place she was tasked to care for is threatened, it is Liwayway's duty to maintain the peace of the Sanctuary.

But what if this time... it's more than what she could handle?

Sa Ilalim ng Gabi (Under the Night) is a Philippine-mythology inspired game made with RPG Maker VX Ace and during Theme Roulette 2, with the themes being 'Lanterns' (image interpretation) and 'Barrier' (given word). You play as Liwayway, the morning goddess' handmaiden, and attempt to restore the light that is threatened to be consumed by the darkness that looms closer. Your goal is to light up the Sacred Lanterns as an act of defense against the vile monsters that perverse the sacred grounds, roaming around with a plethora of techniques and mechanics that changes the dynamic of the game.

  • Explore the Sanctuary of the Dawn that Liwayway tends to in Hanan's stead. You will find yourself in a place where every move counts, and mistakes can be easily solved and turned into advantages. But with the exception that you can be worn out easily...

  • As Hanan's chosen maiden, you are given the power to shine like her. The "Light Mode" allows you to spot enemies and scout ahead, while giving yourself the opportunity to assess the situation before making a move. The only price to pay is the reactions of several enemies, unless you turn the light off...

  • The Sanctuary grounds are overflowing with monsters based from Philippine folklore. You will find yourself defending against aggressive AIs with their own unique gameplay mechanics that forces you to make second-guess decisions. Plan your next move, just as they plan theirs...

  • Even if you are already defending yourself, defense is the best offense. Putting down one of the main enemies of the game puts you in a more favorable position, even if it can nearly cost you the entire game as they will try to fight you back.

This game is made for the partial fulfillment of the SCALE Program 2018-2020 and for the Theme Roulette 2 event.

Latest Blog

Delaying Again

Hey folks, Vacc here of Team Timawa.

Recently, our team has to delay the project again because of IRL situations. For me, it's because of the work that had to be done only to be interrupted by research. For the rest of the team, they have college exams that they have to focus on.

Another thing to note is that one of the reasons why the game has been delayed (the Theme Roulette 2 version is a different thing altogether) is for us to polish it completely into a good, tightly-knit game as compared to the TR2 version.

Hope you all understand. Have a nice day.
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  • KatanaHiroshi
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 05/27/2019 03:19 PM
  • 09/16/2019 09:04 PM
  • 09/17/2019
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