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The planet is ruled by tetra, a force which is the lifeline to all living organisms. Tetra comes to the planet from the Tetra Belt, a ring of pure tetra circling the planet. Tetra flows down to earth as new life is created and rises back up as life ends. Every few years, a Tetra Seer is born, one who can emit tetra themselves. They are regarded as sacred individuals, and must be protected for the world to prosper.

The planet's tetra is running dry...

It seems now that only a Tetra Seer can undo the damage done by methods of tetra use that use Tetra Burning, the dissipation of tetra, and ultimately, the depletion of the Tetra Belt. With the world in this crisis, one man's twisted plot to attempt to rescue the planet from destruction could end it all. Only the world's Tetra Seer could stop him now...

A second child is in the world is born with the blessing of tetra...


Van Winchester
Water Seer
Age: 16
Weapon: Swords, Axes

A young boy living in the village of Keth. Van seems
to have a very strong sense of justice, something that
is linked his past, and if someone pleads for help, he
won't back down to assist them. He aspires to do something
great for the world and become a famous hero. Unknown to him,
he holds an unrivaled power within him...

Ariel Donohugh
Wind Seer
Age: 16
Weapon: Whips

The current Tetra Seer and savior of the planet. Ariel
is a shy girl that lacks self-confidence, despite her
duty. She tries to be nice when she can, but seems to
keep getting it wrong. She sometimes despises her duties
and responsibilities of being the Tetra Seer and dreams of
having a normal life.

Aron Sinheart
Earth Seer
Age: 16
Weapon: Swords

A boy living in the forest south of Keth. Aron is
Van's best friend, and a bit of a coward. He wishes
to overcome his cowardice, but it doesn't seem like
his wish will come true. Being around Van makes Aron
more brave and sees him as a role model. Aron is afraid to
disappoint people and will do anything to make up for it.

Richt Sinclair
Thunder Seer
Age: 28
Weapon: Spears

The head of the coast guard for Travola City.
Richt is a laid back person. Nothing really gets to
him and he rarely gets nervous. He also lacks the skills
to detect a person's mood, and he often says unkind things
to people without meaning to. Despite all of this, he's still
a good person at heart.

Snowe Winters
Fire Seer
Age: 25
Weapon: Katanas

A member of the Order of Artena. Snowe, unlike the
other members of the Order believes that the Tetra Seer
exists and will save the world. She is taken as masculine
in personality and is feared, but is really quite feminine.
Snowe adores nature and observes it's beauty. She commits to
her duty to protect the Tetra Seer to save the world, and
ultimately, complete her personal mission: to save the flowers.

Seneca Ionis
Holy Seer
Age: 16
Weapon: Boomerangs

The daughter of a priest in Hariel Village. Even though
she was raised by Artena's teachings, she doesn't wish
to become a member of the church. Her father resents her
attitude towards her family line of priests. Seneca tends
to be carefree about many things, and seems to never get sad.
She is currently undergoing study in the teachings of Artena.

Lucius Winchester
Dark Seer
Age: 39
Weapon: Swords

A former member of the Order of Artena and Van's father.
Lucius raised Van and his sister until Van was twelve, then
left them for unknown reasons. Lucius seems to have done
something in his time in the Order that made him famous, but
he dislikes talking about his years in the Order. He is not
very open and there is little chance of anyone knowing his
thoughts other than himself. Despite his nature, he still
cares for Van.

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"Tales of"?

Do not be fooled by the title. While it bears a resemblence to Namco Bandai's poular RPG franchise, it is not a direct fangame of it, though it bears a strong resemblence. From Mp being called Tp, to field skits, to the use of titles, it seems like a branch of the series. In fact, when I added those things (except the Tp thing), I was thinking it would be intresting to try out the Tales Of thing in an RPG Maker project. This is my first public project, so go easy on me!
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So I played this recently. It's by no means brilliant but it's got some nice charm to it. The only reason I stopped was because of a game breaking bug that occurs when you jump out of the back window. Might want to look into that.
The rar file of the new demo is corrupt:

Although I did manage to extract the game, by setting WinRar to "Keep broken files", one of the music files (UVERworld - Colors of the Heart) is corrupt--although it seems to play fine in WMP. *shrugs*

Also, I had to replace the RPG_RT.exe file because the one included with the new demo doesn't work--I get an error saying it's not a valid Win32 application.

I replaced the mp3 and RPG_RT.exe so no one else runs into that problem. Also, I put everything in a zip file, instead of making it a setup pack. Maybe that'll help?
Devil's in the details
Haha, this game has an interesting name. In finnish language Ateria means a meal.

Tales of a Meal.
Will this be continued no matter what eventually because don't quit working on this project if you can't finish it give the plans an idea of it to someone who can take over the project for you.
My mind is full of fuck.
Need help with dem statue switches.
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