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"Tales of"?

Do not be fooled by the title. While it bears a resemblence to Namco Bandai's poular RPG franchise, it is not a direct fangame of it, though it bears a strong resemblence. From Mp being called Tp, to field skits, to the use of titles, it seems like a branch of the series. In fact, when I added those things (except the Tp thing), I was thinking it would be intresting to try out the Tales Of thing in an RPG Maker project. This is my first public project, so go easy on me!


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I wouldn't have much of a problem with the title if it were an actual Tales fangame, but don't be surprised when people assume that that's what it is.
The truth is, I don't know enough about the series to give it a feel of the series, but I use what I do know to develop it.
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