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Overview: Embark on an enthralling RPG adventure with "Zoraculous: Academy Days," a captivating tale set in the mystical PIT Kingdom. Join Yamato, a promising young swordsman at the renowned PIT Academy, where aspiring adventurers and knights harness the power of elemental magic.

The peace of the PIT Kingdom is disrupted when Kazuki, an honorable guardian from another realm, accidentally unleashes Zephyr, a half-demon/half-elf boy, from a stone tablet. Discovered in an ice cave during an exploration, Zephyr's awakening marks the beginning of a journey filled with discovery, challenges, and newfound friendships.

As Yamato and his friends - , the healing swordsman Maria, the magical Ice queen Mai and the cheerful warrior Terry - welcome Zephyr into their midst, they become entangled in a web of mysteries. The PIT Academy becomes a center of elemental prowess and camaraderie as they navigate the complexities of their training while unveiling the secrets surrounding Zephyr's.

Key Features:

Elemental Mastery: Unleash the power of elemental magic, each character specializing in unique elements such as fire, light, wind, and thunder and many others.

Dynamic Characters: Join a diverse cast of characters, each with their own strengths, abilities, and personal stories to unfold.
Intriguing Narrative: Explore a rich storyline filled with twists, revelations, and the exploration of Zephyr's enigmatic origins.
Strategic Combat: Engage in tactical turn-based battles, exploiting elemental strengths and weaknesses to overcome a variety of foes.

PIT Academy: Immerse yourself in the life of a student at the prestigious academy, where rivalries are forged, skills are honed, and destinies are shaped.
Expansive World: Traverse the PIT Kingdom as well as many other locations, encountering a variety of landscapes, characters, each contributing to the overall depth of the game.

Post-game content: There will be various post-game content such as quests, tournaments to participate in, and your strength will be tested to the fullest. As you are to face enemies stronger than you can imagine. Do you think you have what it takes? Your skills as a player will be tested!

Embark on an odyssey of magic, friendship, and self-discovery as you navigate the challenges of the PIT Academy. Will you unravel the mysteries surrounding Zephyr and forge a legacy as a master of elemental arts? Your journey awaits in "Zoraculous: Academy Days."

Latest Blog

Final Progress Report 26/02/2024

After all these years of delaying, not getting to work on the game, I can finally say it is finished.
Working on an RPG as a passion project and a hobby has been one of the most fun things. I had many more things I wanted to do and include, but due to getting older and life just being life, I had to put a line somewhere and say this is enough.

I'll look back on the game and say I'm glad with the outcome, even if things could've been better.
Either way, I hope everyone gives it a shot and has a great time.
Cause if a game is not fun, why bother, right?

Should the game be highly praised by the community and players, I'll consider making the sequel I've had planned for this game way back.

Thank you for reading.
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  • 05/31/2019 09:58 PM
  • 03/02/2024 08:52 AM
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