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Join the PIT Academy and learn the ways of becoming a Warrior!
Many students from the eastern kingdom aspire to join the academy with the dream of becoming a Knight one day!
Studying only is not fun, but it also stimulates a way of thinking that is useful, especially in how to utilize your powers!
But do not worry, there is plenty of sparring too!

After the Demon God was completely erased, peaceful times had arrived in the world of Zora. Since then many of our former heroes have help set up an Academy where students can attend to become warriors.
Every student has their own element that they can awaken and use to learn new skills.

Regardless of peaceful times, there are still many mysteries in Zora left to solve.
This tells the story that follows the generation after, 23 years later.
Take a step into the world of Zora and follow the story of the new cast of characters!

This game is a sequel to The Legend of Zora 2. It isn't necessary to play it to understand most of the things in this one, but it would help understand a few things. Credits can be found in the game.

- A Linear Story
- Multiple Playable Characters
- Puzzles such as ones from Pokemon games to Solve
- Weapons to find/buy that can bring your characters to a new level
- Gamble House
- Spirits
- More in the works

Latest Blog

Progress Report 06/03/2022

After a long time of not having had much time to work on it, I finally had the time to start working on the game again.

Last time when I posted a progress report, there were around 15 chapters. Right now the game is sitting at 22 chapters and having had multiple new things added. Some of which are new skills, allowing the player to utilize them to possibly combo.

I also have started to work on a Quest system using a plugin. This will allow the player to guide where to go. This way you won't get lost even if you quit and come back after a while.

Right now there are about two arcs left in the game. One of which I'm working on it right now. The one that comes after will be the final one. But I do have post-endgame content planned to have in the game.

That's it for this update!
Hope you're looking forward to enjoying the journey in the world of Zora!
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  • zerkerxror
  • RPG Maker MV
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  • 05/31/2019 09:58 PM
  • 04/14/2020 07:05 PM
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