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marikit (adj, filipino)
: dainty

Juliana R. Madrigal died an anticlimactic death at age nineteen,bidding farewell to a family who believed she was sent to the earth by the angels themselves, and a twin brother named Julio, who was convinced that they were two parts of the same soul. Just as the rest of the world believed that Juliana was made of stardust, Julio trusted that his sister could do no wrong. In the midst of their family's mourning, Julio finds himself in the middle of a seemingly-harmless library as his twin sister, paying for sins he never knew someone like Juliana could commit.

Marikit is a medium-length horror game that doesn't require a lot of brain-wracking. It relies mostly on narration and storytelling, with a few spooks here and there. There are four possible endings to the story, which will be determined by the objects that the player is able to find or the memories the player is able to uncover. It contains a handful of offensive content, including the following:

1. Implied sex, and several mentions of it,
2. Graphic violence and gore, and:
3. Implied incest

Please proceed with caution.


The game features music by Eric Matyas


Additional Notes:

- This game's expected release date is on June 15, 2019. For updates, you can follow me on twitter. So far, this game is about 70% done. All that's left to do is adding the dialogues and narration, drawing 3 more CGs, and adding the endings. I'm on my summer break, so I don't have anything else to do.

- This game involves a lot of reading. Pull out your reading glasses, kids.

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"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
The jump in visual quality from Mama to this game is honestly ridiculous. I'm so exicted to give it a go!
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