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The Ageless Winter. A curse that was cast upon the land. A never-ending winter that withers the land. The only way to stop the curse to cut out the root of the curse, an agent of the Calamity, the sinister Ice Witch herself!

Join Cedrick, a Knight of Narvikk, whose sworn duty is to preserve the land. Thus, he must vanquish the Ice Witch! In his efforts to put an end to the Ageless Winter, he gathers allies and a share of adversaries as well.

Here is hoping that he can put an end to the curse by the end of his journey.





Chipsets: First Seed Material
Plugin: Maniac Patch by BingShan

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my dad slipped and sprained his ankle on the steps. i laughed so hard that fart came out of my butt.
  • Production
  • MacBob
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • RPG
  • 06/05/2019 10:04 PM
  • 01/16/2021 11:56 PM
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This is quite the e3 announcement
I played your first game. You're a talented guy.
I'm a fan.
Holy shit! love the animations and small user interface touches - don't let the screenshots fool you.
There's actually lot of thought and a tremendous amount of detail, put into these.
Really like the world building and story told through minor game interactions.
I haven't seen, nor played a rpgmaker2003 game this good, since 2007. This is very easily, the most promising demo of 2019.

If you're reading this, download this right now!
There's no telling when we're going to see a game like this again - ...unless they make a sequel.
Yes i can only agree LordBlueRouge, it looks very great. What a year for rm2k3 and yeah all RM games. The future loooks bright. I`m gonna download the first game of yours(McBob), that game i have totally missed and it looks beutiful too.
I just wanna chime in with an update:

...I finally got around to beating the hardmode of Country of Snow the other day - If you like 2000-ish experimental SquareSoft games like
Parasite Eve
or Vargrant Story or even Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories, Country of Snow is definitely worth another look. There's this really interesting turn system mechanic, here, that I haven't really seen in a whole lot of rpgs since, but it only becomes apparent, when you're playing on Hard Mode, because you have to rely on it more:

When you press SHIFT during battle, it allows you to look the enemy's stats, as well view the enemy's turn gauge located at the top right corner - Knowing what this number is, in accordance to your own attacks is sort of, the key, to winning battles in Country of Snow - Like, if the enemy's turn number is 27, and you have a weaker, quicker attack that uses 13 points. You can use that weak attack twice, and follow it up with a strong attack or guard, before the enemy's turn.

In trickier battles, I found myself actually having to write down, what the enemy's turn sequence was, before hand, so I could study it - like on turn 5, they use a attack spell, but if their HP drops below a certain number, they immediately heal themselves - in order to Guard at the right time to reset the turn counter and then plan my attacks accordingly, to take them down.

I did not expect to like this demo as much as I did. Like a lot of games this year for 2019, Country of Snow really surprised me. Definitely check this one out! As I said back in June, this is still a really good contender for Most Promising Demo for the Misaos.

It's really exciting to see all these new, intricate games being made in rpgmaker2003, because this is stuff I'd only dream about back in 2007 on gamingw.net. Great Work Bob! Please keep us updated on this. This was really cool to playthrough! ♥
It's disgusting how overlooked this game is (and I can't really talk as I've only just heard of it).

My easiest Misao nomination so far. I will be spreading the word, and letting you know what I think (once I'm longer than 10 minutes in).
I've just played the demo here, and I liked a lot. Hope you'll continue the work man, great game you're producing.
I decided to go against my weird habit of not downloading demos to check out what you have here and I'm glad I went against my stance.

For this to be 2k3, I'm impressed with what's been done so far - combat is snappy, quick, responsive, and as LordBlueRouge pointed out - you have to pay attention in harder fights. I respect the choice to make your experience gains limited to a handful of encounters and for abilities to provide stat bonuses. It's impressive how effectively the skills work in this, and how thoughtful you have to be with using your own abilities.

Another point I always go on about is mapping - it's simple, well done, but it effectively portrays a sense of measured hopelessness: ruins, small signs of life, lore tucked away in minute snippets between item pick ups and story telling. It's rather impressive.

I can't wait to see more of where this goes~
because it is not conducive to the battle system and i want you to suffer.

Hahaha! What is wrong with you?
Very cool trailer!
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