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Progress Report


my dad slipped and sprained his ankle on the steps. i laughed so hard that fart came out of my butt.


this is not going to be in the final

because it is not conducive to the battle system and i want you to suffer.

with love,


Release date trailer

i'll see you guys in december.


A new demo is out

Fairly recently (a few hours ago, as the time of writing this), I played the first public demo. While it is functional, I found it to be a lot different to what the current build is right now. And that, makes it a poor representation of what the final product is going to be.

With that said, I have updated the download with the latest stable build that contains about 50(fifty)% of completed content, which should amounts to about around 5 hours of gameplay. With a heavy heart, the save file from the first public demo is not compatible with this one. But I can assure you the save file from this latest version will be transferable to the future final product.

So please have a gander and tell me what you think.

I am planning to release the full game on December 2020, right around Christmas time because I think I would fitting with the game. I want to say that I am making a good progress and I should be able to make it if I keep at this steady pace, but we all know that life always has a way of ruining your schedule. Still, I will do my best to make good on my promise.

This will be the first time and probably the last time that I am sober while writing one of these.


country of balance

they are back and they will eat your soul


country of fedora


country of fluff

april 2020


finally, some good fucking boss fight

im not dead

Progress Report


I made this:


No thanks.

I think I'll stick to this:


Regarding Difficulty

Credits to George for the art, he is a retard.
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